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  1. Don't get too excited. This photo was taken in Singapore 2017. As for the hair, it can be easily gathered inside the beanie.
  2. Hard to say happy b-day to someone who doesn't give a shit to fans.
  3. Don't wanna be a naysayer. I loved 87-93 band, But then I grew such a deep passion for NewGnr '01-'06 band. And then we know what happened to that band. So imo anything from NewGnr era even if released is dead and gone. Worst than that is when you hear all these talks about Slash gonna play over Bucket parts, Duff on Tommy and so on. So I'm out really. But to each their own and I'm happy about you and your positive thinking.
  4. Honestly I don't think so. It's over. Apart from that, happy birthday. Enjoy partying with Lebeis family
  5. Asking out of curiosity, what do you think the original 5 could write together? 'Cause "Daddies" are probably not alive anymore to watch porno and "Rocket Queens" are all having grandchildren by now. LA scene is full of Justin Biebers and K-POP. There's literally no LA scene. Imagine Axl writes another song like "turn around bitch I got a use for you". It will look like a shameful accidental youtube upload by a drunk pervert grandpa. The fact that he still sings these things live is already awkward! I'm trying not to sound arrogant, but this whole "original 5 get back togethe
  6. Actually this is one is worthy of scrutiny. Gonna look at my archive to see what you're talking about.
  7. Honestly, it's just the case for Axl 'cause he's a pathetic frontman. Tell me why for decades everything goes so normal and smooth for Metallica, ACDC, Foo Fighters, Iron Maiden, Rolling Stones, Korn, Dream Theater and tons of other famous bands? + their toilet clearners do toilet cleaning and professional managers do managing.
  8. If CD material would come out in 2000-2002 it would shake the rock scene. It could be a defining moment in new era Rock music, at least for its own decade. And people of 2021 would always think of it as an art piece that was way ahead of its time. ...Forget about all of that, instead we've got laundry bag + toy truck and son of Axl's toilet cleaner ridiculing passionate fans and trolling us in Reddit.
  9. Dude be careful with your statements specially when discussing professional careers. managerial positions ( IN ANY FIELD! ) is not that formulated and as per book as written above. Since you have provided a checklist, let me provide you with another one regarding MUST-HAVE qualities of a manager and give me one example that either Fernando or Beta are matching with any of the below points: 1. They help develop artists' careers 2. They have a deep and detailed knowledge of an artist's portfolio 3. They are well aware of the latest trends, technological advancements and marke
  10. True, as fans of a band that's putting out albums every 2 or 3 years, we're very impatient and selfish. And yes! COVID is the reason we don't hear anything new from the band. Otherwise in pre-covid time they used to spoil us with new material raining from all over the place. On a serious note, Axl is musically impotent and Team Brazil is worst than COVID. Team Brazil is a Parasite and nightmare for any professional musician who truely cares about his artistic career.
  11. One Axl flatterer less the better. This cure should be done very gradually to avoid hurting the patient. Let's begin with easier targets then we'll see what the hell we should do with the final bosses.
  12. Let's spread this info until it reaches Axl and TB so that we can get rid of Frank.
  13. That's true. I don't understand why people are talking about 2010 with such a profound passion about Axl's vocals. 2009-2010 was the beginning of his decay from every aspect including vocals. However I have to give credit to the man for his 2010 performances. It was obvious that he still had a determination to prove himself to the world. Gasping was there, but rasp was there too. He was still trying to run like crazy to both sides of the stage. By 2012 that motivation was completely gone and the band was in full circus mode. It got worse and worse from then on. Last time Axl co
  14. Abu Dhabi 2018. Dubai was 2017. These are two diff. cities.
  15. If GNR would be frozen in time meaning that all of a sudden they would die in 1993 with all its greatness, I would be totally cool with that and I've had nothing to complain about. Just like Nirvana. I wish Axl would never return to music the way he did since 2001 'cause he fucking couldn't manage properly, failed from time to time and ruined all my great imaginations about the band I once loved so much. To be fair, yes there were short-term kind of signs and flashes of greatness and hope particularly in 2006 and 2016. But that's it. And at this point in my life I'm not not anymore
  16. The new shows will be having the same songs in setlist as 2017-2020. You don't even have to be Nostradamus to predict future GNR shows.
  17. Gunses Roses, Gunsen Roses, Gunsez Rosez, Axel Roses, Axyl lol
  18. They don't give a shit about fans in MyGnr or other forums or discord channels. Their target group is those millions bombarding each and every social media posts with "Sweet Child O' Mine the best!", "GUNSES ROSEZ THE BEST", "Eu amo o axl", "cásate conmigo Axl" "foda-me Axl."... And the band is happy supplying them with stupid Merchandise and stupid ticket prices.
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