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  1. 3 hours ago, Legendador said:

    Band managers are hired by music groups to handle the business aspects of the music industry. They guide the artists' careers, provide advice and act as a liaison between the band and others in the music business. 

    A band manager works closely with a music group to help make major decisions regarding the creative and business direction of the band. The manager is the person the musicians put in charge of the business side of the industry so that they can focus on making music. Some band managers work for management companies, while others work independently. A manager often works on commission. Some take on more than one client; others work full-time with one band.

    The duties required of a band manager vary greatly depending on the individual needs of the artist. Some managers focus exclusively on a few duties, such as advising the band on creative, business and personal decisions and assisting them in finding engagements. Others take on multiple roles, such as booking agent, promoter and travel arranger. Managers often negotiate recording contracts and help the band members understand their responsibilities.

    Dude be careful with your statements specially when discussing professional careers. managerial positions ( IN ANY FIELD! ) is not that formulated and as per book as written above.

    Since you have provided a checklist, let me provide you with another one regarding MUST-HAVE qualities of a manager and give me one example that either Fernando or Beta are matching with any of the below points: 

    1. They help develop artists' careers

    2. They have a deep and detailed knowledge of an artist's portfolio 

    3. They are well aware of the latest trends, technological advancements and marketing 

    4. They must have broad network of connections within the industry

    5. Work ethic and drive

    6. Creative problem solving and fast decision making

    7. They handle pressure well

    8. They communicate honestly

    9. They are open to new ideas

    10. They are a role model

    11. They are creative minded


    Give me only ONE example and I'll shut up.

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  2. 4 hours ago, jamillos said:

    With all that's happening in the world... you guys can't selfishly expect anything! 

    True, as fans of a band that's putting out albums every 2 or 3 years, we're very impatient and selfish.

    And yes! COVID is the reason we don't hear anything new from the band. Otherwise in pre-covid time they used to spoil us with new material raining from all over the place.

    On a serious note, Axl is musically impotent and Team Brazil is worst than COVID.
    Team Brazil is a Parasite and nightmare for any professional musician who truely cares about his artistic career.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Tom2112 said:

    Sorry you're right, but that image of Axl transcends 😄

    Listen to Osaka, he was gasping then too. 

    That's true. I don't understand why people are talking about 2010 with such a profound passion about Axl's vocals. 2009-2010 was the beginning of his decay from every aspect including vocals.

    However I have to give credit to the man for his 2010 performances. It was obvious that he still had a determination to prove himself to the world. Gasping was there, but rasp was there too. He was still trying to run like crazy to both sides of the stage. 

    By 2012 that motivation was completely gone and the band was in full circus mode. It got worse and worse from then on.

    Last time Axl could legit sing with his signature techniques and rasp was 2006-07.

    RIP the glory days.

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  4. If GNR would be frozen in time meaning that all of a sudden they would die in 1993 with all its greatness, I would be totally cool with that and I've had nothing to complain about.

    Just like Nirvana.

    I wish Axl would never return to music the way he did since 2001 'cause he fucking couldn't manage properly, failed from time to time and ruined all my great imaginations about the band I once loved so much.
    To be fair, yes there were short-term kind of signs and flashes of greatness and hope particularly in 2006 and 2016. But that's it. And at this point in my life I'm not not anymore getting excited about new music or any sorts of rumor indicating it. I don't really care if a new music comes out or not 'cause whatever comes out, it's gonna be fake as fuck. I Won't spend a penny anymore on shows or new music that goes to the pockets of the Brazillian clan.

    So no, sorry, I can't be positive at all.

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  5. 51 minutes ago, El Guapo said:

    We all should just forget about GnR, new album, etc. until something interesting happens. They have to earn our attention at this point, imo.

    They don't give a shit about fans in MyGnr or other forums or discord channels.

    Their target group is those millions bombarding each and every social media posts with "Sweet Child O' Mine the best!", "GUNSES ROSEZ THE BEST", "Eu amo o axl", "cásate conmigo Axl" "foda-me Axl."...

    And the band is happy supplying them with stupid Merchandise and stupid ticket prices.

  6. 33 minutes ago, El Guapo said:

    I tried and tried to enjoy SMKC again and again but still their music is completly boring to me. Myles sounds like he's going to the office. So it's the same as no new music at all for me. 

    As someone who's not a a big fan of SMKC, I'd prefer to listen to fresh music with boring Flat/Monotone singing of Myles than repeatedly listening to Axl's vocals on 3 albums of original content from decades ago.

    Life is too short my friend.   

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  7. 10 minutes ago, Draguns said:

    The point I was making was that it was already done. Slash and Duff tried to find a new singer for VR, but couldn't. All three need each other. 

    *YES, Duff & Slash need Axl in order to run the Cashgrab Inc.

    No, they don't need Axl if it's about making amazing music. SMKC, Snakepit, Loaded & VR each have outstanding achievements in music without Axl.


    * However to continue milking it's time to feed the cow with something.

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  8. 3 hours ago, JimiRose said:

     The answer is - Get fit, look at jagger, look at tyler. they still song close to their peak voice and they're in fantastic shape. They have vocal coaches and they practise. 

    And not to menton James Hetfield who is literally having the same stage presence as his 80s and 90s + Hits all those notes accurately. 57 year old James Hetfield, father of three, might sound weary these days but he does still pull off some of his most challenging songs.

    No pain no gain. It requires a day to day effort and practice for these artists to stay at the top.

    Godspeed Axl but certainly this cannot be achieved by Tacos and Burgers and hanging around uninspiring people like Beta and her son.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Draguns said:

    Do you realize that option was already done by forming Velvet Revolver???  Slash and Duff tried it already with Weiland. Things didn't work out. 

    It actually worked out up until Weiland got crazy. Those 2 VR albums weren't bad after all. + They were playing prominent festivals as well. But again each to their own.

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  10. 14 minutes ago, Tom2112 said:

    Black Sabbath with Dio was good, AC/DC with Brian is good, Van Halen with Sammy is good! it's been done but it is the exception to the rule.

    Diehard AC/DC fans had the same exact feeling like yours when Axl joined. Then Axl came on stage and rocked the hell out of those songs way better than Brian. 

    I understand that it's kind of like a taboo to even talk about replacing Axl. But the point is that this hypothetical option can 100% turn successful if done correctly (e.g. proper auditions, storyline etc)

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