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  1. 11 hours ago, Dean said:

    Imagine going through the effort to professionally record that monumental show just to keep it in house? 

    Nothing unusual. GNR has been doing that for the past 30 years. Professionally recording every show to play in Axl's home cinema.

  2. 45 minutes ago, RussTCB said:

    You know what the saddest part of all this is (at least for me)? 

    I can't even be bothered to get mad anymore. 

    I used to be SO passionate about GN'R, their music and their future. This "band" has beaten me down so much to the point where I truly don't care anymore. I expect absolutely nothing of worth from them, so I'm never disappointed. 

    Even if they dropped a surprise album tomorrow, I'd just listen to it when I have a chance. That's a stark contrast to where I was years ago where I'd jump through any hoop necessary to hear new GN'R music as soon as humanly possible. 

    I think GN'R might be the single biggest example of wasted potential in the history of music and that's saying a LOT. In addition to that, I don't believe I can think of another band that's shit on their fans more than GN'R. 

    Those two things coupled together leave me where I'm at today. Like I said, I'm not even mad about it anymore. If anything, I'm just sad that I wasted so much time waiting for then to live up to their potential. 

    you're speaking my mind.

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  3. 3 minutes ago, Dean said:

    The band that had that logo in your avatar created phenomenal music - the majority remaining unheard. The gems we got via the locker leaks restored my faith. I'm too long down the road now to stop.

    Don't wanna be a naysayer. I loved 87-93 band, But then I grew such a deep passion for NewGnr '01-'06 band. And then we know what happened to that band. So imo anything from NewGnr era even if released is dead and gone. Worst than that is when you hear all these talks about Slash gonna play over Bucket parts, Duff on Tommy and so on.

    So I'm out really. 

    But to each their own and I'm happy about you and your positive thinking.


  4. 25 minutes ago, Euchre said:

    In a perfect world, I’d have the original 5 get back together, write together and record an EP worth of material and then tour indoor shows kept to 2 hours max (I hate stadiums and I hate long shows).

    Asking out of curiosity, what do you think the original 5 could write together?
    'Cause "Daddies" are probably not alive anymore to watch porno and "Rocket Queens" are all having grandchildren by now. LA scene is full of Justin Biebers and K-POP. There's literally no LA scene.

    Imagine Axl writes another song like "turn around bitch I got a use for you". It will look like a shameful accidental youtube upload by a drunk pervert grandpa.

    The fact that he still sings these things live is already awkward! 

    I'm trying not to sound arrogant, but this whole "original 5 get back together" makes no sense to me from whatever aspect I'm thinking.

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  5. 3 minutes ago, RussTCB said:

    This is going to be super vague, so I apologize BUT 

    My favorite piece of unreleased music is actually an acoustic thing that was played in 2007. 

    There's a show from the Japanese leg of the tour (no, I don't remember which show, sorry) where Fortus & Robin start playing this really good acoustic piece right before Patience. The rest of the band joins in and it just sounds great. 

    They played if for maybe a minute? (again, vague, sorry) then Axl says something like "that's really good. We should make a song out of that". Axl has a super sarcastic tone and it's very obvious that it's something that is already a song.

    I would LOVE to hear more about it and eventually hear the whole song one day. 

    If anyone wants to hear what I'm talking about, the most specific thing I can remember is that it was right before Patience in one of the shows in Japan from 2007. Again, sorry for being so vague but I really think more fans should check that out. I've never heard anyone else mention it. 

    Actually this is one is worthy of scrutiny. Gonna look at my archive to see what you're talking about.

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  6. 6 hours ago, jamillos said:

    ^ Every time I see stuff like this, I’m always fascinated by this concept where you have tons of friends and contacts in the music industry and yet fail repeatedly to hire a proper manager who doesn’t just want to screw you over. And since that doesn’t work, you go to another extreme, you say "to hell with it, I’ll do it myself" and entrust a bunch of incompetent hacks to run your management and PR...
    I mean, how does this happen ffs? 

    Honestly, it's just the case for Axl 'cause he's a pathetic frontman.

    Tell me why for decades everything goes so normal and smooth for Metallica, ACDC, Foo Fighters, Iron Maiden, Rolling Stones, Korn, Dream Theater and tons of other famous bands?

    + their toilet clearners do toilet cleaning and professional managers do managing.

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