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  1. Lineup:

    W. Axl Rose, Josh Freese, Buckethead, Robin Finck, General Tommy Stinson, Richard Fortus, Kevin Moore, Chris Pitman, Dizzy Reed

    Special Guest: Trent Reznor on "New Song VI"

    Setlist: Whatever industrial music ideas Axl had in his mind but failed to deliver because of his laziness.


  2. 3 minutes ago, jacdaniel said:

    When I was around 7 years old... I remember seeing Lald on TV and Slash was using a double neck guitar.  I remember that moment clearly because my Dad thought Slash was really cool with the double neck guitar. 


    Years later I became a bigger fan and don't recall Slash using that guitar much for Lald. 


    Did he use it for Lald a lot during 93? 

    Perhaps I saw this version before, 24 years ago 😂

    Guess that could be LALD music video

  3. 4 hours ago, ramsey said:

    At this point I'd rather have an AXL/DC record and tour than GNR. Not sure that lighting can be captured again.

    But of course I want BOTH. And I hope GNR continues to tour off and on for years to come.

    Well, time is running fast for AXL/DC album as you know people age and god forbid, die...

    As for the fucking never ending tour of GN'R (technically it's running from 2009) I wish at least 1% of the money earned could be put on recording a new album but I highly doubt so. 

    Coming back to the subject, I'm not sure if they can put the same ridiculous price tag on the Philippines tickets.

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  4. 1 minute ago, estrangedtwat said:

    I used to do that too, in high school.

    I'd be sleeping deeply and then Axl would scream "WAKE UP!!!! IT'S TIME TO PLAAY!!!!!"


    So how in the world can you possibly be excited about the fact that a song you've heard a million times for over 25 years is being promoted as "new?"


    I get it, if you're 17 and you just discovered GNR last year when they came to town.  But you're not.  We've been around for decades.  Yes, it's cool to hear an alternate take on the song we've never heard before, but I can't possibly pretend to be excited about it as if it were a NEW song like some of you are doing.

    Imagine if Axl got off his lazy ass and put in 2 and a half hours of work on laying down vocals for a NEW 3 minute rock song they whipped up.  Fucking hell, my brain would explode.

    Thank you very much for rephrasing my exact thoughts nicely.

    Read this @WhazUp & @fernomenoyde

  5. Just now, fernomenoyde said:

    A few things:

    I am in this forum since 2002 i think.

    I'm listening GN'R for 25 years now and attended to the end of the Skin And Bones tour 1993

    I have a youtube channel dedicated to GN'R with multicam videos and before that i used to remaster many shows shared on this very same forum

    2003-2008 era was great, specially 2006 with Finck on fire

    Back in 1995 i used to program "shadow of your love" on my cd player to wake me up in the mornings

    Are you really trying to see who has the longer one?

    All the respect man. I enjoy your multicam works.

    It's just our opinion is different.


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