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  1. 11 hours ago, Blackstar said:

    It's mostly about the pinball machine. 

    He says he has been working on new music for both GN'R and SMKC and "is confident some of it will be released during 2021". 

    He hopes the summer tour dates will happen.



    I'm also confident we'll get SMKC.

    I'm almost certain about ACDC putting out another album in 2021!

    And not to mention Michael Jackson's upcoming album.

  2. 3 hours ago, jamillos said:

    "Shop now" written in the Use Your Illusion font under a surgical mask is definitely not something I would have wished to see if anyone asked me back in 91. 

    This is a very clear signal that these products are made by people who are completely disconnected with the band basics and its content let alone semiotics of that.

    And unfortunately based on many evidence we have, it is Fernando who is creating this sort of stuff through cheap "freelance designers" 

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  3. 20 hours ago, North Korean Democracy said:

    It's an improvement over the previous year  


    There's been always an improvement over the previous year.

    Switching ISE with WTTJ, replacing old cover songs with new cover songs, Longer version of KOHD to name a few.


    20 hours ago, North Korean Democracy said:

    BTW, let's hope Axl seeing AC/DC releasing an album full of unreleased songs from previous years gives him ideas. 


    Like how 7 new albums by Bob Dylan 3 new albums by Alice Cooper between 2008-2020 did.


  4. 3 hours ago, Ed Flowers said:

    Thanks for the reply, I wasn't aware about the BM documentary, I'll take look later.

    I saw that RRHOF some time ago on Youtube, nice performance and really good quality, but never came to my mind it was a rip from an official release.

    It makes me wonder what happened to the tapes with Oklahoma and St Louis shows? Can we get in contact with owners and ask to lend them so we can get a decent capture (I mean noiseless audio, no satured colors and get rid of the annoying vcr osd)?

    Sorry if it's a silly question.

    I guess these folks could elaborate better on that subject:


  5. 8 hours ago, Ed Flowers said:

    Ops ... what are the quality releases from Elton John and Blind Melon? Am I missing something good? (sorry I had to ask :facepalm:)

    Well, by Elton John I meant the blu-ray release of RARHOF 94:


    And Blind Melon one is about the documentary "All I Can Say" released few months ago in which there's a brief -maybe maximum 20sec- footage of Axl Rose (previously available but not in the best quality)


  6. 11 hours ago, DurhamGirl said:

    just let him be. 

    I'm not sure if I can talk on behalf of diehard fans but I personally gave up on him a very long time ago (perhaps since Ashba era).

    But what is extremely annoying to me and probably many many other fans is the attitude of that parasite so called management family toward fans. From Youtube takedowns to selling expensive toy trucks and laundry bags and weekly insulting messages and replies of the retard son of Beta over social media platforms. Hence the majority of all these fat-shaming, hair-shaming etc is a reaction to belittling behaviour of the Brazilian cult towards fans whom some of them I know personally as being very decent and succesful people in life.

    Let him be but he has to let us be with our shitty quality bootlegs at least.

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