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  1. Liquidation of brand Guns N' Roses, to protect its dignity if there's any left.
  2. This is a very clear signal that these products are made by people who are completely disconnected with the band basics and its content let alone semiotics of that. And unfortunately based on many evidence we have, it is Fernando who is creating this sort of stuff through cheap "freelance designers"
  3. btw Covid didn't kill GN'R. Not the bullshit merch side of things at least. It's business as usual:
  4. Eating Tacos, Watching Netflix, Painful Pooping (Jalapenos & Tacos you know...) + doing laundry for Beta
  5. 13 Million for waste of time & talent. The most expensive album ever made by Metallica is the Black album = 1 Million.
  6. Absolutely! There's been always an improvement over the previous year. Switching ISE with WTTJ, replacing old cover songs with new cover songs, Longer version of KOHD to name a few. Definitely! Like how 7 new albums by Bob Dylan 3 new albums by Alice Cooper between 2008-2020 did. Definitely...
  7. CD is the last and final album. New Album will never happen. Axl might come up with some bullshit excuse about why they couldn't release anything. This as well will happen years later when reunion era will be a history.
  8. Well, by Elton John I meant the blu-ray release of RARHOF 94: https://www.amazon.com/Rock-Roll-Hall-Fame-Concert/dp/B07987KGHT And Blind Melon one is about the documentary "All I Can Say" released few months ago in which there's a brief -maybe maximum 20sec- footage of Axl Rose (previously available but not in the best quality) https://decider.com/movie/all-i-can-say/
  9. I'm not sure if I can talk on behalf of diehard fans but I personally gave up on him a very long time ago (perhaps since Ashba era). But what is extremely annoying to me and probably many many other fans is the attitude of that parasite so called management family toward fans. From Youtube takedowns to selling expensive toy trucks and laundry bags and weekly insulting messages and replies of the retard son of Beta over social media platforms. Hence the majority of all these fat-shaming, hair-shaming etc is a reaction to belittling behaviour of the Brazilian cult towards fans whom some of
  10. To be fair, I prefer to listen to a new cover than the same old shit. Since Axl has gone full retard and can't deliver anything new then let them be more new covers.
  11. I mean yea why not, like GN'R doesn't have enough covers in the setlist. I would say an ideal setlist should look like this: WTTJ LALD Nice Boys Attitude The Seeker Riff Raff Dead Flowers KOHD (18 minutes version) Don't Let It Bring You Down Down On The Farm Sailing Paradise City
  12. Thank goodness I have seen GN'R so many times that I think it's their turn to come see me! Enough with GN'R. I had the chance to see them one more time in 2018 but for the first time I said no to that.
  13. No F*cks given anymore. Not even disappointed anymore. Change of course.
  14. Oh please... Don't play the media card. I'm too old for such joke. And trust me unlike you, I'm 100% Axl fan.
  15. Metallica was professional; is professional and will stay professional. Metallica is in a different league. so does Slash & Duff. The only unprofessional is Axl. And Axl has always been ruining everything that had/has great potential including this amazing tour which ended up tragically.
  16. After a very very long time in MyGNR with nothing to be excited about, this thread was really refreshing to read.
  17. Not sure about GNR but Axl is definitely at Drive-Thrus almost everyday.
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