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  1. This year is probably the most exciting for Gilby fans and followers like myself:

    1. The Gospel Truth, new album will be released after 18 years! His last studio album was SWAG which was released in 2002.

    2. During pandemic there was a Gilby Clarke super cool full length proshot live as part of MORC streams which I can't find online but I have it downloaded.

    3. As for documentary, he appears in the following:


  2. GUNS N' ROSES Drummer FRANK FERRER's PSSR Unleashes 'Busted' And 'Push' Singles



    PSSR, the New York-based rock outfit featuring GUNS N' ROSES drummer Frank Ferrer, has released two singles, "Busted" and "Push", with a third, "Last Time", set to drop in late July.

    PSSR is fronted by the charismatic Eric Jakobssen on vocals and guitar, and is rounded out by steady rocking bassist Brett Bass (Greg Allman) and journeyman lead guitarist/producer Rob Bailey (everyone from Delta Goodrem to David Johansen).

    "Busted" features Ferrer's GUNS N' ROSES bandmate Richard Fortus on guitar and introduces the band with tough defiant lyrics and vocals over a gritty NYC rock backdrop.

    Says Jakobssen: "'Busted' is one of those songs that covers a little social commentary about game players that perhaps don't really play fair or at least don't consider the consequence of some of their actions; women, drugs, police, lies? A little self-awareness could keep you out of trouble. Because in the end all we have is are self to blame if things go wrong and our self to credit when it goes right!"

    "Push" is also a track that encompasses what we all love about rock 'n' roll. Crunchy guitars, addictive hooks and of course, that New York City swagger.

    Bailey stated about "Push": "A funky song about a funky topic. This is a story about a guy who was getting it from two sides. A pushy pusher and a pushy partner both add up to a waste of time."

    Ferrer joined GUNS N' ROSES in 2006 as a temporary fill-in for Bryan Mantia. Before he knew it, Ferrer was a permanent member of GN'R, contributing to five songs on the "Chinese Democracy" album.


    source: https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/guns-n-roses-drummer-frank-ferrers-pssr-unleashes-busted-and-push-singles/

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  3. On 6/12/2020 at 5:16 PM, JY2016 said:

    Reading this thread gives me the feeling that I am in the minority, but I still think it’s awesome that they are back in GNR. Before the reunion, I always said to friends that I have seen every band that I wanted to see in my life multiple times except GNR with Slash and Duff, but that that would never happen. How grateful I was when the reunion was announced. As they did not go to Europe in 2016, I crossed the Atlantic to see two shows in Chicago that year. Every time they go to Europe I try to see as many shows as possible and I enjoy it every time as much is I can. The NuGNR era does not do anything for me, although I visited three shows back then (more like a “it’s better than nothing”). CD does not do much for me, as Slash and Duff are not on the record. I like hearing them playing some of these tunes live though (CD, Better).


    I enjoy it while I can and while they are around. It’s the soundtrack of my life. The glass is half full!

    Fernando thinks the same.

  4. 8 minutes ago, Blackstar said:

    "Everyone of us"?!


    Stadium Capacity: 100,000 | Friendly football match, Iran vs Germany. Iran fans Seig Heiling during Germany's national anthem at 0:34

    Point is people still do. It's a phenomenon that could be reasearched properly. Whether it's for fun, whether it's because they're unaware or for whatever reason.

  5. 9 minutes ago, Creed said:

    Lets be honest, guys. Everyone of us made the Sieg Heil ✋ and painted a Hitler mustache with mama's mascara, when we were young...

    You also shouldnt drive a Ford, cause Henry Ford was a racist, too.

    Axl wore SM/Kill Jesus/Charles Manson/ Southern Flag clothes/Shirts/jackets, because of provocation.

    There is a difference between making an evil hand and choking someone to death. 

    I'm with you in this. I did shave my moustache many times like Hitler just to make fun with family and friends at home and then went back and shaved the whole thing.  

    I guess some people need to take such things easy. But unfortunately we live in a Political Correctness era. An era where people are more and more pressured not to speak their true mind anymore.

    You got Feminists, You got pro whitelivesmatter, pro blacklivesmatter, pro whatever Monsters... 

    and these people can easily ruin a decent person's life via social media just because of a random stupid joke he/she made somewhere.

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  6. 29 minutes ago, Blackstar said:

    I don't agree as I've never been a fan (and I've never liked Metallica's public personalities either), but to each their own :) 

    Totally fine. To each their own as you said.

    But I don't like people tagging others so easily as racist just based on people's preference and whether they like Black associated music, art or whatever. It's like you like black artists you with us, you don't like you're against us. I also don't like black or white or yellow people exaggerating their situation. Same goes to gay paraders.

  7. 17 hours ago, Blackstar said:

    Watching now... Great interview!

    So Axl was right after all in that rant in Sacramento 1993: 

    "I watched the man named James prove that - you know, since I’m supposed to be the 'rock racist,' cuz I used a word once? I watched the man show me that he was a motherfucking racist. He's got a real big problem with Ice-T and any black man, actually."

    Racist or not, innocent till proven guilty, James Hetfield is the greatest frontman of all time in the history of Metal music. Still on top at the age of 56. :headbang:

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  8. 23 minutes ago, DTJ80 said:

    I guess what I’m trying to say is - its not all full of crazies! 😂

    There are crazies + some premium racists in the war room. There's this guy who's into Hulk. His racist comments are so horrible that can be easily taken into court imo. 

    but anyway back to subject.

  9. 1 hour ago, Blue Phoenix said:

    Did anyone see this though??



     I actually found this on a Queen fan forum, so they didn’t bat an eyelid at the GNR bit. Apparently it’s been deleted now.


    Since when Rolling Stone uses "his" instead of "its" to refer to albums?

    Faker/Hacker could at least check his grammar with a native before making it.

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