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  1. Glad to see a shitty upload of 3 cliche songs from an average performance makes most of you this much excited and happy and twisted your opinion about 15+ years of management failure. good for you. Now go buy his Children's book and Toy Truck. Guess that's what most of you deserve. Fernando is more than enough for some of you folks. Enjoy.
  2. Give me a break downzy. It's not even about the mix. It's just that this kiddo promises smth big and a month later comes out with a crap like this. Yeah maybe I shouldn't write for some time. Less censorship headache fo you isn't it? I just don't like being around some ppl who still get excited to watch some half assed emotionless performances of 13 fucking minutes of cliche 30+ songs. I'm outta here.
  3. The whole idea of "don't record me" is plain stupid and retard. Actually it goes pretty much in line with the same noob way Team Brazil has been managing this band so far. It seems like this family is disconnected from realities of how the internet functions. And perhaps in a broader sense, disconnected with reality. PS: and I specifically asked him how does he rate his management skills and how does he compare it to Metallica's LOL
  4. I hate the word "GNR FAM". Specially when it comes from Fernando's mouth.
  5. shit... Now I know why I had this feeling that I've heard As It Began somewhere before. This track by Saivu was one of my favorites back in time. tnx for info!
  6. Axl Rose interview YAS Island Abu Dhabi 2010. search youtube it's there.
  7. give me one studio track with Axl in exchange of Fernando's goddamn 'live footage' bullshit. that's all I want.
  8. Hey @Gambit83 your interviews are absolutely in-depth and original. We get new information, never before heard side stories etc more or less with each episode. It's also apparent in every episode that you've done your homework before approaching individuals for interview. I like your podcast because it is exactly the opposite of paparazzi/TMZ style approach.
  9. Hey @Gambit83 thanks for your efforts. Could you please ask Frank why he's unable to properly play songs like YCBM, Estranged etc? Of course in a more polite way :-)
  10. Had seen many people in concerts front row who call em like Axel Roses, Gunses Roses etc. Once a buddy of mine travelled 2000KM to go to "Gunzez Rozez" show and he was so excited to post instagram photos with "Gunzez Rozez" captions. Usually the ones who get crazy during SCOM, WTTJ, LALD and awkward silence during Coma, Estranged and CD songs. + These are the target group of GN'R marketing team.
  11. True, that kind of sums it up for me as well. Corporation gave him an objective and he seems to have successfully achieved it.
  12. I actually confronted him with this question: Hey @Flebeis I know I'm gonna be banned since everyone is kissing your ass now to get answers, that's how miserable we GNR fans are unlike some other big bands who communicate in proper ways with fans. anyway how do you honestly compare Metallica's management with the way you are managing GNR? honest opinion. are you proud of yourself? And Fernando answers something like: I donno about Metallica but we had huge ticket sales so I'm proud And he kind of said something like he doesn't like my attitude etc.
  13. Never compare a pioneering rock band with 26 studio albums to a Circus.
  14. If only Stephanie Seymour would buy a washing machine instead of hiring a laundry maid.
  15. I think Team Brazil is going full force to troll fans. This one is way worst than Toy Trucks.
  16. Actually he's a good fit for this Karaoke band. You don't need Josh Freese or any other famous drummer to cover the same setlist for over 20 years. any average musician can do this job. so Frank is fit. Aside from fucking some of Brain's parts in studio tracks, he has written none so I can't judge how he would perform on his own songs.
  17. and there are millions of someones in this case. imo.
  18. -- Jokes aside, from the NuGuns, I like Robin's TIL solo & Axl's vocals in TWAT and Blues.
  19. Regardless of all the (well-deserved) negativity and trollings toward Axl, hats off to all men and women in service risking their lives protecting civilians during these challenging times.
  20. Remember when Beta unfollowed Susan for posting a photo of Stephanie Seymour? looks like you're gonna add more fuel to that fire! ok to be fair, she (along with Slash's gf) were the first ones on earth hinting at reunion and turned out to be true.
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