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  1. Ozzy has parkinsons, Correct Ozzy has been a drug addict his whole life, Correct Ozzy has always relied on vocal processing, Correct Ozzy's wife blah, Ozzy's life blah blah, Correct BUT Ozzy still delivers new quality music & you know what? "Ozzy" is still an artist not a nostalgia act brand. Period.
  2. Great. Subscribed via Castbox and episode is cocked n' loaded in headphones. Thank you sir!
  3. Am I not supposed to talk GNR at a GNR forum in a topic that is posted under MAIN GUNS N ROSES / DISCUSSIONS ?
  4. The man is 71 years old and he has 21 quality albums (incl. Black Sabbath's genre defining albums) released in his career. yeah...
  5. the 1st single will be the never before heard "Ain't Going Down" (remastered + 2 seconds new slash riffs) Priced at $1299 it will be available to purchase as an exclusive offer for Nightrain Members and can be bought only as a bundle with GNR Toy Truck (Fernando's signature edition). So hurry up and register for Nightrain membership before it's too late!
  6. ...and I have to say I really miss combo of Tommy+Brain+Robin+Bucket F*ck you Axl.
  7. My opinion: Ron Thal Source 1: In a 2013 interview, Thal mentioned that when he first joined the band, he was not welcomed by other members who didn't want a third guitarist in the band. Source 2: Thal later clarified on his first months in the band, stating in a 2015 interview "it wasn't the warmest welcome. I kind of had to earn it. I think it was just more of a situation like a new family member was brought home without the other siblings' consent." No. Generally Axl's performances has been mostly shit since 2009 (except few first shows of 2009 & 2016) a
  8. Axl has always been acting like a jerk and or "diva" as you call it. the diff. is the 90s Diva was still a productive Diva. The current Diva is a broken Diva who can't even sing + being on anti-depressants prescribed by this cult leader called Beta. Some might consider my comments rude but believe me Axl deserves all the shit-storm of criticism and bully he receives from hardcore fans 'cause he never gave shit. He just kept blaming heaven and earth and every fucking individual for his failures. Even Rolling Stone Mag doesn't take him serious anymore lol
  9. +1 & Thank you. That's exactly how I feel as well. Dude seriously you still have hope? I'm amazed by the level of your optimism!
  10. a bit too late to answer I guess but this is for sure a backstage photo from "Making Fucking Videos: Estranged"
  11. Yeah, Beta and her whole Brazilian family has been sedating him since then and took over the brand instead. Just like a perfect psychological thriller film.
  12. I hear you, but I strongly believe at the end of the day, it's all up to Axl. Axl fucked up the old band, Axl made a new band, Axl fucked up release dates and Axl fucked up the new band.
  13. Pre-appetite = Music Machine 86 Appetite tour = Ritz 87 UYI tour = Saskatoon 93 2000 up to Chinese release = Albany '02 / RAR '06 Post-Chinese release to pre-reunion = London '12 Reunion = Forum '17
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