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  1. 1 minute ago, zigzagbigbag said:

    Ever heard of self fulfilling prophecy?! 

    I suggest, with immediate effect we  completely ignore TB by any means but constantly talk/tread Susan as GNR‘s new management instead 😄

    Let‘s see what happens ...

    Remember when Beta unfollowed Susan for posting a photo of Stephanie Seymour?

    looks like you're gonna add more fuel to that fire!

    3 hours ago, rumandraisin said:

    How many months till this thread is retitled 'Update - she lied!'

    ok to be fair, she (along with Slash's gf) were the first ones on earth hinting at reunion and turned out to be true. 

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  2. 2 hours ago, El Guapo said:

    The chemistry just wasn't there. And it wasn't Guns N' Roses, so all the old songs sounded wrong.

    Axl could go SOLO instead of GNR.

    Or name it anything else but GNR. and it would be a huge success.

    Just like A Perfect Circle & Tool.


    + Axl's ego ruined himself, his band and his fans. His ego is probably more huge than Donald Trump. You can see this even 'till today. Just look at his body language.

  3. 4 hours ago, default_ said:

    To be honest, they’re kind of a joke since forever, Axl has been a joke his whole life, this isnt going to change now that he has 10 years left to live tops :shrugs:

    The "Joke" part was inappropriate but the last part was just so much crossing limits and rude. Please grow up.



    PS: and trust me I'm a huge Axl critic myself with a lot of bitter sarcasms toward the man. But ageism is a line I would never cross.

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  4. 14 minutes ago, RussTCB said:

    Absolutely. There were so many things GN'R could be doing as a nixe gesture to their fans before all of this, it doesn't surprise me in the last that they're not now. 

    Also, if and when they finally get around to acknowledging the situation regarding the tour, I would bet one million dollars that they'll post a vague "tour is postponed" message with little to know detail about what to expect. 

    They sure as shit aren't going to remotely think about issuing refunds as the money is the only thing they actually care about. 

    GNR in fact turned into jackass for fans very long time ago.

    My early memory of such behaviour is when they decided not to live stream their show at Pukkelpop 2002. That whole festival was streamed live except GNR. Guess was the same case before that in Summer Sonic festival in Japan. 

    I guess ever since Beta became Axl's personal assistant (and later manager) the whole band-fans relationship turned into a totally different game.

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  5. 14 minutes ago, soon said:

    Racism is racism. It is not a matter of "political correctness," but a matter of racism.

    Axl doesnt simply share thoughts on an experience. He shares racist thoughts.

    There was a huge backlash at the time. They were removed from a concert bill and protested widely at other concerts. Not because of some vague term "political correctness" but because of racism and homophobia. Then later, the very public feud with Nirvana was centred on Nirvanas criticisms of Axl and Guns as "homophobes" and misogynists. Following that feud, Axl disappeared for nearly a decade...

    ok. I refrain to comment as it can turn nasty. but I respect your opinion. ;-)

  6. 32 minutes ago, Amaya said:

    I aree with @UsedYourIllusion.   I don't agree with @IrishgunnerII     I am glad GnR left the whole damn song off  with it's racists homophobic lyric. It is good they only performed only 2-3 times then.   It is not a matter of scrubbing history or learning from it. This not like the  controversery of Confederate statues, etc.                                                                 This is a dumb song by  a dumb rock band, what I mean is nothing historic to be studied by society and scholars . According  to Izzy's interview way after, they did not want him to say that. Why say that because it was ugly, not how they were,  etc. Then they all became quilty by association. Then then had the ugly element of SkinheadsNazis thinking, "you are one of us" and then the media attention was not good.  See his interview.                                                                              My question was why  let the crazy guy do this? Duff, Izzy, Steven ,Slash were stoned or drunk or both if the the day ended in the word day. Axl was crazy  and was undiagnosed at the time and was a  bully and looking for controversy all of the time.                                          Slash, being biracial, which people did not know, should have said no to that. Walk off. See my reason above. Out of his head.Those words were not who were then, in my opinion , and who they are not now. In my opinion, they all 5 really regret that and that is why the 3 in charge took it out of rotation on their boxed set  and in concert too.

    Honestly I don't have much bad feelings about this song.

    & I'm originally Iranian (like start some mini-Iran) and I actually enjoy the song musically at least. 

    Whether it falls under political correctness or not, but I see it as a song written by a naive young & volnurable american guy who might have had bad experiences with 1st gen foreigners and openly talks about it. But musically this song has one of the best Axl Vocals to this date. Also "spreading some fucking disease" could be scientifically correct. Naturally some people were migrating to USA and bringing unknown disease with themselves to the country. Hello COVID?!

    And btw thank god back in time there was no "Me Too" movement and the political correctness was not as intense as nowadays, otherwise their career would be over before they could even tour their album lol  


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  7. 37 minutes ago, Sydney Fan said:

    You can bet metallica will do so much more for their fans for the 30th anniversary of the black album next year compared to GNRs effort with the illusion anniversary.

    What I'm gonna say is very personal so no offense to anyone.

    The problem I have with GNR is that since 2018 I don't give a fuck about them or current state of the band anymore. I'm just checking MyGnr and smth else over discord only for bootlegs collection or discussions about the past (90s, '02, '06 etc).

    In fact the more I see Axl getting older the less I'm interested in hearing a new album or anniversary album or anything "new". Don't get me wrong; there's nothing wrong with seeing your favorite artist getting old. I liked the older David Bowie or Gilmour.

    But problem with Axl is that the guy seem to be less and less engaged with music and his vocal performance is literally embarrasing and unlistenable. I personally would get embarrassed to play most of the post 2012 live performances on loud speaker or inside the car for anyone. I don't really get excited anymore to hear or see anything new from this band. Unfortunately those village sessions leaks (despite being massive) couldn't make me happy like the old times either.

    I remember I was about to die from happiness when I first listened to Oh My God back in 99. That magic is gone. 

    So long story short, Axl is done and I'm glad I'd faced the truth finally. I wish Axl himself could realize it and retire for good. Not everyone can maintain quality live vocal performances or release albums at an older age like Steven Tyler, Rob Halford, David Bowie & Ozzy and so on. Releasing new album, putting up massive 30th anniversary tour, media production etc doesn't get me excited anymore.

    It is worthy to mention that Team Brazil did great damage to fans' perception and imagination of their favorite band. But it was Axl who enabled Team Brazil, Beta and that Son of a bitch Fernando to do so.  


    PS: In comparison, James Hetfield + Lars Ulrich never let a laundromat to manage their band. That's the secret behind Metallica's continuous success.


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  8. 2 hours ago, default_ said:

    Yeah, but the Garden is sung mostly in lower register, it could actually turns into something cool, yet, they missed  the opportunity 

    Considering the current performance state of our great singer, do you really think lower or higher register would matter?

    Axl is developing a unique ability of trashing each and every song no matter how easy the vocals would be.

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  9. 52 minutes ago, guitarpatch said:

    Not the best hire if you were truly trying to release a record from a band with non-classic members. Irving came aboard to not only cash in on a reunion but to try and leverage one for everyone else’s best interests. Extremely counterproductive for what GNR was trying to accomplish. 

    I don't think anything could be more counterproductive for the band than Axl himself. Irving's involvement with GNR begins in March 2008 and ends in June 2009 which is very short and in no way can be considered a factor for album release delays or retarded production approach of Axl. 

    I don't deny that he had his own business interests by forcing Axl into a reunion but he had also forced Axl to release CD. Something no one else was able to do otherwise we might not even get CD as of this minute that I'm writing this.

    In my opinion Irving could probably tell by his mountain of experience within the entertainment field that Axl's new musical direction was just a myth and he is a failed artist that after all those years was left with barely 13 average tracks worth of release. That is why he saw a potential to revitalize the band by reunion.


    PS: and by the way even Irving's reunion idea (call it cash-grab or whatever) was way ahead of his time. Couldn't it be better to run this cash-grab reunion tour back in 2008 than now?

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