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  1. 3 hours ago, ToonGuns said:

    Ozzy has never been a good singer and has always relied on vocal processing. He's snorted half of David Attenboroughs wildlife back catalogue, and is now a pensioner with parkinsons. I'm not sure you can blame Andrew Watt for failing to get performances from Ozzy...!

    Ozzy has parkinsons, Correct

    Ozzy has been a drug addict his whole life, Correct

    Ozzy has always relied on vocal processing, Correct

    Ozzy's wife blah, Ozzy's life blah blah, Correct


    Ozzy still delivers new quality music & you know what? "Ozzy" is still an artist not a nostalgia act brand.



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  2. My opinion:

    8 hours ago, Nice Boy said:

    -He mentions the revolving door of guitarists they had and that some of them were not so easy to get along with. Who is he talking about? 

    Ron Thal

    Source 1: In a 2013 interview, Thal mentioned that when he first joined the band, he was not welcomed by other members who didn't want a third guitarist in the band.

    Source 2: Thal later clarified on his first months in the band, stating in a 2015 interview "it wasn't the warmest welcome. I kind of had to earn it. I think it was just more of a situation like a new family member was brought home without the other siblings' consent."


    8 hours ago, Nice Boy said:

    -He says Rock in Rio was an epic experience but that he and the band could barely hear anything in front of the immense crowd. Could this be a fair explanation for why some of Axl's Rio performances have been total shit? 

    No. Generally Axl's performances has been mostly shit since 2009 (except few first shows of 2009 & 2016) and it gets worst and worst.


    8 hours ago, Nice Boy said:

    -He looked kinda drunk/high possibly on some opioid, scratching himself etc (not judging him for that, just observing) 

    He's been always like that. Maybe it's his body language. refer to his past interviews.


    8 hours ago, Nice Boy said:

    - He is very commending of Axl, describes him as highly talented and loyal. 

    Loyalty and Talent is what everyone who has worked with Axl talks about. Except Steven Adler maybe. However there's no productive outcome from it lol

  3. 10 minutes ago, gunnermatt2004 said:

    Axl is the greatest "diva"  that ever existed and he makes Mariah Carey look like a monk.

    Axl has always been acting like a jerk and or "diva" as you call it. the diff. is the 90s Diva was still a productive Diva.

    The current Diva is a broken Diva who can't even sing + being on anti-depressants prescribed by this cult leader called Beta.

    Some might consider my comments rude but believe me Axl deserves all the shit-storm of criticism and bully he receives from hardcore fans 'cause he never gave shit. He just kept blaming heaven and earth and every fucking individual for his failures.

    Even Rolling Stone Mag doesn't take him serious anymore lol


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  4. 4 hours ago, metallex78 said:

    There have been past years where I’ve been disappointed in things about the band in regards to live shows and no new music etc. but this year so far has taken it to a new level for me. 

    Firstly, the promise was, well, as much as what Slash has said in interviews - the focus after the NITL tour was to be the new album. Now he’s said it’s all too hard, and a bunch of new live shows have been announced instead, and still no confirmation of the new album.

    Then from the first show in Miami, we have probably the worst singing from an unrehearsed Axl who can’t even sing in time to his own songs (Dead Horse intro, and the November Rain outro particularly bad) to an out of time Frank (You Could Be Mine intro absolute mess) to Fortus not playing Izzy’s parts properly (to be fair though, he never did), to Slash going through the motions and noodling every solo. I’m beginning to really, and I mean really, hate this band.

    If they do actually release new music this year, and it’s good, I might be back on board. But as it stands, I’m embarrassed to be a fan of GN’R.

    And the thing is, I know a few other really big fans of the band, who are very much feeling the same way as I am. Isn’t it sad. 

    +1 & Thank you. That's exactly how I feel as well.


    4 hours ago, jackparker123 said:

    All will be good as soon as we get a new song / EP / album announcement!

    If that doesn't happen by May 20th all hope is lost for 2020.

    Dude seriously you still have hope? I'm amazed by the level of your optimism! 

  5. On 6/29/2019 at 9:55 AM, jamillos said:



    Does anyone have any idea what/when/where this is from? 
    It almost looks like some video, but I don’t know. 
    Also, it’s clearly not just some ordinary gig – Axl in long jeans in the 90s? No way. 


    a bit too late to answer I guess but this is for sure a backstage photo from "Making Fucking Videos: Estranged"

  6. 58 minutes ago, Politania said:

    do you remember how Axl once mentioned in an interview that he would like to find his inner peace? - I wish him that. I hope he found it

    Yeah, Beta and her whole Brazilian family has been sedating him since then and took over the brand instead.

    Just like a perfect psychological thriller film.

  7. 4 hours ago, Sydney Fan said:

    Im certain the record company did not want to release any music by the CD lineup which only fuels my theory that the record company were wanting some sort of a reunion in whatever form come hell or high water. If that meant not wanting to release or promote music then so be it. Now that the record company have slash and axl together and the tour has been a money making exercide they will release whatever music sees the light of day, most likely as long as its reworked material and recorded by slash.

    I hear you, but I strongly believe at the end of the day, it's all up to Axl. Axl fucked up the old band, Axl made a new band, Axl fucked up release dates and Axl fucked up the new band.

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