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  1. As much as i'd love for the band to actually release a new album, truth is i am able to enjoy what the band is doing and also GN'R related projects (current members or ex-members music projects/bands). I would prefer for the band to release new stuff, obviously, but the feeling i get when i know that Guns are coming to Portugal (my home country) is like something i am not reeeeeeeeeeeally able to feel with other bands. It's different. Also, the vibe at a GN'R concert is electric. Everybody's there with that extra bit of swag on their clothes and it all just makes me feel like a bunch of people kind of like me are there for the exact same reason. And then the band hits the stage and i (along with the rest of the crowd) just lose it. It's an incredible experience. That alone for me is enough. I'm happy. I'd be even more happy with new music, but i'm still happy as it is. Going to a GN'R show, to me, is literally Paradise City. It's very emotional for me. I care.
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