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  1. Awesome, which part of the States? I wouldn't mind moving abroad but I have too many things I have to stick in the UK for. Glad things are good for you though :D

  2. Hey Hans, hows things?

  3. I don't understand your last comment to me about thinking about you yesterday, I don't know what happened on the 5th June. I have been in hospital for 3 weeks so am a bit lost.

  4. Just added you on MSN and the comment was deleted - they aren't visible unless I approve anyway.

  5. Can you send me your MSN? I don't want to post mine publicly on the forum and cannot see a send private message...

  6. What is your username on the forum you are going to now? I might look you up for a chat in the future. Think of me when Nadal wins his next Grand Slam :D

  7. I see no need to join the other board, not that many people on here dig me so oh well! x

  8. Night my foreign friend! I will the odd monthly updates about how Lorenzo and Nadal are useless at their chosen sports. Good luck and good health in the future.

  9. 5* for providing the forum with some LOL moments earlier!

  10. Wahey, 2 years and I am slowly becoming popular!

    Good times :D

  11. Yeah I don't seem that similar to the majority on here, but somehow I fit in... seems like this is the only forum I use these days!

  12. I will miss you when the banning takes place...


  13. Hmm. Very concerning. The article itself was poor - MotoGP hasn't been 500cc in 9 years. Sigh.

  14. Cheers man, I'm unstoppable - after the nuclear holocaust it will just be me and the cockroaches :P

  15. Cheers bud, just getting a bit stressed with deadlines coming up and everybody letting me down. Luckily its a nice Christmas break coming up!

  16. Are you cheering Alonso in the Formula 1 this weekend?

  17. Yeah, he is a very quick rider... I wish Britain would produce a top level Moto GP rider :(

  18. Rossi > Lorenzo

    (Just in case you didn't know!)

  19. You rock Jackie Moon!

  20. 5 stars for making me LOL :P

  21. 1 star for being a douche.

  22. JJF was taking the piss asking for Axl's SS number, I guess you missed the thread where somebody asked for Axl's home address!

  23. Nice to see you back!

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