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  1. Plus the album had basically leaked about 6 months earlier and downloading was rampant back then. Probably cost a few sales.
  2. So were multiple people in the past who it turns out were disgusting human beings that go away with horrible things. I like Michael Jackson as a musician, I don't like that stuff normally but he was a master, Off the Wall is amazing. The circumstances of his upbringing were awful, child abuse, fame etc. He seemed to live a very sad life. But the evidence is pretty overwhelming at this stage. I'm not saying he is 100% guilty but on the balance it doesn't look good.
  3. That was taken in Hong Kong no? Axl Rose announced it would be the cover at their 2002 gig there.
  4. Does Fernando have any qualifications to be the manager of a large, international, music act? Is he the actual manager or just a middle man with the label. I am a bit confused because the band used to have professional industry executives like Azoff or Merk, right?
  5. If nothing else this concert shows Illusion era GnR was pretty amazing. The performance of Heavens Door and Paradise City is perfect.
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