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  1. Oops - I misread the chart lol. I'm actually wondering about Absurd's roots in '93.
  2. Where does the If The World info come from?
  3. They're adjusting and having Madeline sprinkled throughout the set instead of 90 straight minutes with her at the end. It's good because you get a little less of her now, but bad because you can't leave right after Buckethead's solo set.
  4. Damn, I just watched the videos. She realllly doesn't sound good. I'm on the fence about buying tickets for Ardmore on Monday.
  5. Whew, this song always pops into my head and I couldn't remember the name of it. Thanks!
  6. Who tf are Steve Freeman and Marc Haggard Same question with TIL. Feel like Finck should have some credit there.
  7. Is it weird that I think this is some of the most exciting news in a while?
  8. 7 years ago LOL. It’s every little thing with this band. Excited to one day hear it.
  9. This EP is stupidly good for a metal band this old It literally holds up to their best stuff lol
  10. I just can't personally with the post grunge influences, but happy to see BBF still doing his thing
  11. Haha, there are worse examples of pop-songs-being-the-same I think.
  12. Miley Cyrus did an iconic performance of Flowers.
  13. Can't believe how good Axl performed with ACDC. I'm glad for him that he has that in his legacy now.
  14. I don't unequivocally hate the use of AI here but wish it was more balanced in favor of live shots.
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