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  1. Is there another band whose fan community could make such a thing? Nothing compares to being a GNR fan
  2. You're right. In fact, it's pretty crazy they even tour with it the way it was 2 years ago.
  3. It feels like a gamble to book shows over a year in advance. Axl's voice is already fucked, who knows where it'll be at that point.
  4. GNR has such a way of making you feel like you're growing old with their consistently huge amounts of time between any happenings. I'm very grateful to have seen them at Philly 2016 when Axl still sounded good (also, Slash on Sorry). What came in the following years was sad, but predictable.
  5. This is an extremely unfair take by the media and Democrats. The law hardly restricts voting access, in some ways it expands it. Weekend early voting is expanded one more weekend. It makes ballot drop boxes a permanent fixture in elections, meaning more options than there were before the pandemic. Mail in ballots are still available for anyone who requests them, even without a reason, which makes it less restrictive in that regard than many states. Doing away with the practice of signature matching in mail in ballots, which results in many rejected ballots (many of which are from black vo
  6. He was a "celebrity diner" on an episode of the new Hell's Kitchen season a few weeks ago.
  7. Teachers unions across the country have been holding cities hostage, refusing to return to in school learning. It’s really sad and the students who are hurt the most are low income and minority students who the public school system is already failing. I wish Biden would take leadership on this issue, but the teachers unions own the hell out of him. California is basically bribing its schools to resume in person learning by offering them more money if they open.
  8. The things that Republican politicians and conservative commentators oppose in the bill are not things that Republican citizens on the ground actually care about. They might agree that this feature or that feature is stupid, but it's very hard to sell your party when it's the one on record voting against free money for everyone. In light of this, it's actually interesting that the GOP still has so much support. Their support is so much founded upon the things they oppose rather than the things they stand for. Republicans might want a $15 minimum wage...but you know what they want even mor
  9. I guess I'd have to see them. If the emails actually had this kind of stuff in it I'd think it would be huge news?
  10. Which Podesta emails led you to believe that?
  11. I'm not even sure how much unity the Epstein death inspired - so many conservatives were still connecting it to the Clintons. But yeah, I don't see actual unity among liberal and conservative citizens ever again except in the face of natural disasters/war/catastrophes. What we can hopefully aspire for though is some baseline level of trust in congress so that every vote isn't party line and every piece of legislation isn't deadlocked. This trend began in the 90s but was greatly accelerated with McConnell's approach to Obama's presidency. Biden making small compromises to pass this bill th
  12. I really hope he can pull this off through getting enough GOP votes and not using reconciliation. Doing the latter would destroy any tiny amount of bipartisan trust that exists right now. I've already seen him criticized from the right for signing 30 or 40 executive orders on the grounds that he's breaking his campaign promise of unity. The stimulus checks need to be much more targeted to low income people as is the case with the Republican plan. It seems he's sticking to his guns on $1400 which is fine if it's going to the right people. He signaled yesterday he would compromise on this i
  13. I've always wanted to take a dive into their music, I'll start with the suggestions here
  14. One thing I will appreciate about his legacy however is that he brought this necessary discussion to the forefront of American politics. The previous 20 years of turning a blind eye to the dark side of globalism was not the move. Unfortunately he didn't possess even half of the intelligence or subtlety required to appropriately work on this issue.
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