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  1. Tim Cook (of Apple) in an interview yesterday reminded everyone that the Parler suspension is indeed a suspension - not a ban - and that he hopes that Parler can moderate better and eventually be allowed back on the App store. Jack Dorsey (of Twitter) tweeted today or yesterday explaining the decision to ban Trump. He also expressed discomfort with what happened to Parler. I think transparency and discussing these things goes a long way for big tech. Moderates and less informed people can be very easily convinced that the leaders of big tech are a bunch of evil elite boogeymen when t
  2. For starters, this could be fake or be made just to cause liberal outage/make the website look bad. I know you typically have a higher standard of evidence than a picture in a tweet. But, assuming that it is real, you are kidding yourself if you don't think there is shit like this on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You just have to look at the right time in the right place. This is simply the kind of post that is currently in the spotlight given the context. The problem, as always, is not just moderation, it's selective moderation. Furthermore, Parler had just doubled their moderat
  3. I was able to justify social media banning Trump as an individual decision, I felt there was a genuine national security risk of having Trump able to use social media at the time. But events don't occur in a vacuum, they exist with relation to other events. And the totality of social media banning Trump along with what big tech has done to Parler (and with other small things leading up to this like the early Hunter Biden suppression) leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. What should have been a period of sober reflection for the GOP and country at large has now been muddled with an issue t
  4. I always thought Nightrain benefited from 3 guitars. I’m going to say Tokyo 2009 for that and the way Axl did the first verse. 2006 LA at The Forum (is that what it’s called?) comes to mind too.
  5. When the game is good, it's really good. But this game takes me out of the action wayyyyyy too much. It's often 15 minutes of dialogue and waiting for 5 minutes of driving and 5 minutes of shooting. I find myself feeling very impatient with the game.
  6. He has a very active YouTube channel you should check out.
  7. He says they’ll “address it” later in the week. Seems like he’ll want to couple it with Section 230 or something else so that there are strings attached.
  8. Predictions on whether the GOP Senate goes for the $2000 checks? Mitch hasn't even commented on it I'm pretty sure he's been stressed as hell about this.
  9. This certainly happened 3 months too late and is pathetic, truly shameful on our government's part. For those who lost hours but weren't fired, each state has different procedures on how much money to give people in that situation, but the majority of those people aren't left to dry. Those who were furloughed get unemployment compensation. The savings rate is still higher than it was before the pandemic due to the previous stimulus check and overspending on unemployment (the previous $600 extra). I don't hate stimulus checks, but I'm not convinced that people who didn't lose their jo
  10. I keep seeing people mention the $600 as if that's all the government is giving. There's an extra $300 with unemployment per week now as well, giving the most money to those who really need it.
  11. I feel really sure that Axl would kill Last Christmas.
  12. Dems and Republicans have agreed to dropp the two things they've been obsessed about in the COVID Aid bill negotiations: funding for states and COVID liability protections for businesses (respectively). Looks like we'll finally get a bill signed with the stuff that matters most by Friday night. It's truly a shame it took this long, they could've dropped those from the negotiations months ago...or, better yet, came to a compromise like functional adults! Both issues will come up again in Biden's term, per Mitch.
  13. It is totally normalized for developers to release unfinished games now. At best missing content, at worst broken. All we get are "wahh games are hard to make" excuses from the developers, no true accountability.
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