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  1. This website further demonstrates how bad Trump's chances are. If you give Trump EVERY state he is slightly favored to win (not very likely), and then give him EVERY STATE that Biden is "slightly favored to win" (very unlikely), he still loses.
  2. I thought Trump "won" the debate, but not in any meaningful sense. I think Trump presented the best version of himself (still terrible), woefully ignorant, not fact-oriented, but sharp and appearing genuine, while Biden showed more of his flaws. His lack of energy combined with his stutter and lack of ability to speak to much substance with regards to policy all come together to make him look...like a dumb guy, honestly. He also recited cheesy lines from past debates and appearances several times, one of which was a truly cringeworthy change-of-subject in which he looked into the camera and st
  3. "Climate scientists take about five flights a year on average for work while other researchers take four. Climate professors catch nine flights a year compared with eight for all professors." bro
  4. Download Robinhood, it's great for beginners both in terms of accessibility and the guidance it offers users on stocks. On most large stocks, you are given the stats on how many analysts say buy vs. don't buy, you're also given one argument for why to buy the stock and one as to why you shouldn't. Eventually you'll be doing your own research, but it's a good starting off point. I trade options which is very high risk/high reward, but if you're just looking to do some mid-long term investing, big tech companies show no sign of slowing down. Look at the stock charts for Microsoft, Apple, Am
  5. Speaking of bias, does anyone think anything will come out of the Senate subpoenaing the Twitter CEO next week? Twitter made a terrible call of judgment that they should answer for. Perhaps the Hunter stuff will prove to be bullshit, but the standard they applied to that NY Post article would never be applied to stories leaning in the opposite direction. It hasn't in the past. They really give conservatives ammo when they do shit like this. For all the complaining from the right about Big Tech bias, I would like to see them propose some solutions. Maybe (big maybe) this is the beginn
  6. For sure, which gets to the important point that I think conservatives almost always miss when complaining (reasonably, though) about media bias towards Trump - even if we could magically erase all bias from the media, you just can't cover this person in a positive light when he's saying or doing something ridiculous on a near daily basis. It's impossible to do so without being misleading or omitting a lot of information. Still, on the fewer issues that Biden has to answer for, he's just not pushed as hard as Trump is.
  7. I thought the reporter last night on Trump's town hall was fantastic. That is exactly the kind of toughness and pushing that journalists should be hitting every candidate with.
  8. Not a good look for Pelosi in that interview. She is truly vial, completely consumed by party and Trump hatred - for me, Democrat's answer to Mitch McConnell. It seems like more and more lately she's making herself look bad. What the hell was that 25th amendment play even about?
  9. I forgot about these shows. I think it was a private show, like some rich person paid for GNR to perform a small acoustic set. Were there more songs performed than are on Youtube?
  10. Trump will undergo a medical examination on Fox News tonight.
  11. @Silent Jay just can’t win with this investigation stuff! It’s been going on for two years now. I hope he finds what he’s looking for.
  12. If you walk away from these debates with very strong convictions about clear winners, you are really seeing what you want to see. Having leanings is one thing, but I don't understand how people could feel so radically certain about such a thing.
  13. Trump realizing that attaching his name to holding up the entirety of the stimulus bill is horrible politics. Also puts it in Pelosi's hands, who is almost as much of a sociopath as he is and probably won't agree to this so as to not give him a political win leading up to the election. This is only natural though when we're less than a month from the election. Of course, he knows this, so then next he can pin the blame on the Democrats.
  14. Conservatives rushing to take the cheaply easy holier-than-thou blow at those liberals jesting about Trump's death are hilariously dishonest. Like seriously, just get real, you know damn well that many were happy as hell about RBG's death. This is no new situation, nothing is surprising about people's reactions here. This is the fucking human race we're dealing with, we are assholes, we often wish death on those we dislike, especially if there's some political benefit attached!
  15. I felt that Wallace asked Trump loaded questions (as he should) but gave far fewer of those tough questions to Biden.
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