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  1. This is true. The government is way too old. But the reason people question Biden above others is because he's clearly a little further gone than the rest of them. This is clear to the administration: https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/statistics/data/presidential-news-conferences Biden is averaging less press conferences in a year than any other president by a long shot. Then there's also the time he began a press conference with "I’ll take your questions, and as usual, folks, they gave me a list of the people I’m going to call on,"
  2. The tour doesn’t begin until next summer, so we might still have a ways to go for the album.
  3. https://www.inquirer.com/health/coronavirus/chop-record-high-occupancy-pandemic-drives-rsv-mental-health-cases-20210930.html?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=edit_social_share_facebook_traffic&utm_medium=social&utm_content&utm_term&int_promo&fbclid=IwAR29kZt8u3TfAxURWrYot99iRBIBA7bF5iPnH46FmoFcJAb0x8K2MMzIHXI
  4. Local Children’s hospital (a very large one) is running out of beds - not because of kids catching COVID 19, but rather other illnesses, due to the breakdown in immunity from isolating them for 1.5 years and parents shoving masks on them everywhere.
  5. I was asking about the 7.5 trillion defense department bill. I think i see - you are multiplying the roughly 750billion in yearly defense spending by 10 to sum the amount of defense spending congress authorizes during the same period for defense? Your wording made it sound like you were suggesting we authorize 7.5 trillion every year.
  6. The dynamics that led to the drone strike need to be investigated. Did Biden demand blood for PR reasons? Were there military leaders who were overly eager to impress the Commander in Chief and didn’t perform as much due diligence as usual? Was it just a plain fuckup? It’s hard to imagine a decision that bad not involving a bit of politics.
  7. I think it could be productive if the media could just take 10% of their COVID fearmongering energy and direct it towards the fact that obesity is the #1 correlate for COVID hospitalization. Instead, they post articles like this: The above is not news. It does not provide info of any value. It tugs at the heartstrings to manipulate readers' emotions and get clicks. There is literally no possible other intention behind sharing the fact that two people died from COVID.
  8. I think I read someone in Defense say that they honestly thought Biden would reverse? It's hard to imagine, but it seems like they just did nothing in this time. Feels like it's worth an investigation.
  9. I will say that I appreciated that about the speech. But if he wanted to be really honest, he would have taken more responsibility for the horrible execution of the withdrawal. He said something like "sure, it's been messy" - no, it's been chaotic and humiliating, with many of our allies in the country getting fucked over unnecessarily. When was the last time a politician just said "sorry, I/we fucked up." Never happens. I think voters would appreciate it, but probably wrong of me to have hope in the general population
  10. Agreed. If it's not a mistake, then I've overestimated Axl's songcrafting ability. Because it sounds horrible.
  11. Beta is deranged/uninformed/stupid/dishonest enough to call a UYI anniversary disc a CD as if it's new.
  12. I think it makes sense. I'd be shocked if they're doing a whole album, easier to just do UYI anniversary with a few new songs.
  13. The name of the next album is "Fresh Diced Serrano Peppers"
  14. You know, multiple things can be true at once
  15. I'm right there with you. It ruins the song for me, it sounds like a serious editing mistake that breaks my immersion in the song.
  16. Kinda funny how not a single insider called this one.
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