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  1. I remember in 1991 myself, when I was a little 5 year old kid watching the scenes in Terminator 2 when John was being a cheeky little shitbag to his foster parents Janelle and Tod, acting like a total rebel, then riding down that road, as I'm hearing snippets of the song throughout these parts, and then in the ending credits just hearing it full-on blast with the intro jam; that drum intro through to the slide-guitar intertwining with the horse-gallop-style drum rhythm, then that insanely building-up drum bridge until that guitar just purely orgasms in a solo and then finally Axl sings his ver
  2. I'm just looking for the Rock Am Ring 2006 Soundboard A+ in MP3 format. Would anybody be able to help me?
  3. Like a mid-aged Portuguese fella I once worked with would always say: "Fuuuck dis shit!"
  4. Merry Christmas to all too, and here's hoping to a "Better" New Year!!!
  5. It's like a drug really, visiting this forum. You've lost all hope (in this case in the band) but despite it, you keep taking the drug, or visiting the forum should I say.
  6. A band way past their game. The NITL tour was for the most part a lengthy compilation of as much money as they could possibly get. Not the least bit effort to release something new to fans, neither an album nor a DVD. It was all about playing excessively long shows in order to virtually rip the money from the fans' pockets, while not even being able to last that long with the best performance and charisma. If Guns N' Roses want to keep their success, they're going to have offer their fans something fresh, instead of endlessly touring old material.
  7. I'll wait until we get closer to the dates and if the shows are still got-to-go, I'll grab myself a ticket, and they will surely be far cheaper than this insane rip-off crap.
  8. Mine would be Civil War; I was searching for some recent quality recent live performances on YouTube recently, and deeply reflected upon how we practically live in a world inundated and bombarded by civil war and wars in general, and are surely and are surely and unimaginably headed for one not giant long one down the timeline because people in general just cannot learn to get along, thanks to our mannequins of marauding A.K.A. "politicians" who just want to fill their dirty big pockets with money that's not even worth a shit because you can't even wipe your ass with it. Yet we rock n' rollers
  9. Happy 12th Birthday Chinese Democracy! I must say, it's a very unique and fluid album to say the very least; my defined favourite songs always change in rank along the ladder as time goes by, but these are There Was a Time, Catcher in the Rye, Sorry, I.R.S. & Prostitute. Truly a masterpiece
  10. Me too! It will give me an excuse not to to waste money onto a repetitive, criminally overcharged, half-assed-performed show with no new material, just for the sake of "seeing Guns N' Roses". As for unpopular Gn'R confessions: I consider November Rain and Sweet Child O' Mine THE absolute lamest Gn'R songs, but then again that's not so uncommon on among the hardcore fans.
  11. So I was talking out philosophy and social politics with a friend yesterday and later went to bed. Then suddenly in my short sleep I had a dream in which Guns N' Roses appeared and I was watching some live You Could Be Mine performances as well as the video with Arnie appearing. As Axl often introduced it on the NITL as a "Nice love song...good hard loving" or something along those lines and I took notice of the drumming in the minute intro; it sounds like people fucking real nice and hard, just doing that nice pounding and loving with your partner, then comes the drum bridge which presents th
  12. I couldn't agree with you more! Why is this whole world so repressive and won't even allow you to laugh, giggle, be silly and youthful, bring out your inner child, without seeming odd or "strange"...I have no idea. But I couldn't care less! I'll be strange, unconventional, youthful, childish, laugh, giggle, be youthful and silly no matter what another individual will say!As for the topic, I even saw a Gn'R 500 piece jigsaw puzzle in a bookstore the other day. Will the next step be sex shops selling Axl Rose branded dildos, strap-ons and other sex toys? If so, for those who say "Fuck Axl Rose!"
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