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  1. Because Axl Rose is like the modern Rock God. People will rather criticize him and Narcissistically bitch about what he hasn't done for their likings than admit the goods he HAS done. This includes having released several several superb albums with great vocal performances, most capturing stage performances in our times both vocally and physically, and Chinese Democracy has proven that Axl Rose sure as hell knows how to musically get his message across in music! Yes he did only create one album since the original band's disintegration, but even so, is that one album not just mind-capturing and some of the best modern music material you have heard? It's like a fine wine that keeps getting better the more that people hear it! I would call his overall amount of music effort he has contributed to the world as absolutely amazing! What would we do without our Axl Rose?
  2. What SHOULD they do? Get in the f*ckin' studio & record a full album & release it, then tour it. What ARE they gonna do? F*ck knows! Perhaps tour for the next 5-10 years without any new material whatsoever? Anything could happen!
  3. I used to listen to UYI all the time; some of my favourites were You Could Be Mine, Coma, Locomotive, Back Off Bitch, Don't Damn Me, Civil War, Get In The Ring, Perfect Crime, Shotgun Blues. I would constantly keep listening to them over and over again until it was embedded in my mind so much that even when I didn't listen, I would keep hearing them in my mind. You Could Be Mine was the birth of my love for Guns N' Roses when I heard it in Terminator 2 throughout the movie scenes and then when it would aggressively launch into it during the ending credits I couldn't believe what a rocking song I had just heard!
  4. Anybody know about the Sydney show? I really hope that this one doesn't get cancelled.
  5. Anybody who went through what Axl went through in their childhood and survived and made such a fortune for themselves in their lives sure are worthy of high respect Sure he had a lot of failures and imperfections too but he survived the key test. What I really like about him is that is he is not a Narcissist who tried to make us all deluded that he is some perfect dude; he just let himself walk freely even he knew that he was making errors and imperfections and seemed to say "Well, that's just me; I've done a lot for the music world already and you can't expect something stellar on my end all the time; I'll make errors too"
  6. IF there is another album, will it even be called Chinese Democracy 2? I wonder what sort of title it would have as it's never been discussed...
  7. Well, all I can say is that we are real lucky to have gotten Richard; him and Slash are an incredible pair
  8. Oh Yeah! It's crazy and wild; it could even be a new show opener because of its energy. I actually really like the drumming and the guitaring, the heavy rhythm and the solos. The song comes across like putting together the songs Perfect Crime and Chinese Democracy and coming up with something in-between. I like it!
  9. If you feel so, you're welcome to give your reasoning why. I'll say my message in another way, that I just tried this morning to listen to a list of songs all primarily engineered by Axl and MY GOD how touching it all feels. It feels like you are a liberated being who actually feels like they are somebody, like they actually are alive within, like they do have a worth, like they do have a purpose for their existence. I don't know how else to say this but I do want to say that only Axl can deliver us such beautiful, touching, meaningful songs. I only wish that he had pushed through and continued, rather than letting the "fake fans" make him feel forced to do a reunion. He technically did do what he said he wanted to do: create music inspired by Elton John and Queen. Just imagine listening to a concert full of his ballads. You can't say that you would not be touched by THAT.
  10. Something really weird is going on with my username. Anyways, I wanted to say as another post, that it wasn't Slash, Izzy, Duff or Steven that were the engineers of all the POSITIVE songs we hear from GN'R today; AXL is the one who created them. HE is the one who made the second half of Rocket Queen, of November Rain, Estranged, Breakdown, Street of Dreams, There Was a Time, Catcher in the Rye, Madagascar, This I Love, Prostitute; could you imagine a concert full of POSITIVE songs that actually make you feel some deeply emotionally touched? This was his vision, but many fans were not willing to accept it and wanted angry, rebellious, decadent songs more than anything. When I began to listen to ambient music more than anything, I realised that music should emotionally touch you and give you a sense of peace, of serenity, of calmness, of feeling better within. What is the point of being hyped up and being all angry, rebellious, decadent etc. It is the positive emotions that matter, and Axl is the one that could and did deliver such songs to us. It is only Axl Rose that can create songs that emotionally liberate us, songs that make us feel tears flowing down our faces without even meaning to., songs that make us feel touched, songs that make our hearts beat, songs that make us feel alive - that we have a soul within, songs that make us feel a sense of hope in our lives. THAT is TRUE emotion. Not anger like You Could be Mine or It's So Easy. That is why I love Axl Rose.
  11. Believe it or not, when I attended his concert in Sydney in 2013, I did it because I was so touched by Catcher in the Rye that I just HAD to hear it in real life!
  12. I've been asking myself this question for days and have come up with an answer. I believe that we love Axl Rose because ever since the beginning, he wanted to make the name GN'R far greater than it was; he wanted to musically evolve, he wanted to experiment, to try new directions, to add new ideas, to take risks. He didn't just want to lean back on meaninglessly decadent hard rock which would and eventually did become outdated and sing about things that are out of touch with his timeline and with the world. Axl's babies, when you look at songs that are primarily his creations, are very deeply emotionally touching, they bring out something in us, they give us thoughts, they strike us in some way, they send out a message. This is not to say for every song but this is in fact what makes Axl Rose musically unique, and he wanted to make the name GN'R famous for this. His bandmates at the time refused to change and discords happened so they broke up, but this did not mean that he could not retain the name and put his musical talent under its name. If the fans had been far more openminded and not so shallow, we could have by now had a band dedicated to deeply emotionally touching songs of so many diverse ways; unfortunately Axl must have felt that his direction, his intentions were not accepted by his fans, and that is sad. Would you rather be attending a concert primarily consisting of songs that are deeply emotionally touching, or of songs that outdated '80s decadence and rebellion; would you rather be feeling anger and feeling decadent, or would you rather feel something deeply emotionally touching? This is what Axl wanted to redefine the name GN'R into. This thought hit me really hard after listening to a live performance of There Was A Time, in feeling tears flowing down my cheeks and feeling my entire soul stricken very intensely and feeling complete serenity. Thank you Axl Rose!
  13. The technicality, the mood, the feel of the song is certainly interesting. Would I like to hear it played live? Sure thing, but then I'm sure that there are far superior songs in the arsenal, looking at the CD leftover leaks and all. Actually, in listening to it all over again, comparing it to Chinese Democracy is the same as comparing Perfect Crime to Appetite for Destruction! I like it! Especially the craziness of the song, that's for sure!
  14. Oooooooh yeah!!!!!! Also good would be Shadow of Your Love...or Right Next Door to Hell!
  15. I remember in 1991 myself, when I was a little 5 year old kid watching the scenes in Terminator 2 when John was being a cheeky little shitbag to his foster parents Janelle and Tod, acting like a total rebel, then riding down that road, as I'm hearing snippets of the song throughout these parts, and then in the ending credits just hearing it full-on blast with the intro jam; that drum intro through to the slide-guitar intertwining with the horse-gallop-style drum rhythm, then that insanely building-up drum bridge until that guitar just purely orgasms in a solo and then finally Axl sings his verse and goes in that famous extension of vowels in the chorus. I was just BLOWN AWAY! I thought "Now THAT is real music!!!". Ever since then, I have been a raging maniac of a fan.
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