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  1. Btw, has anyone in the US tried to call the number ? You can actually see it in its entirety in the video on GnR's Youtube channel...
  2. Hard Skool by a long ass mile. Great song, great chorus and cool official version even though there are things I wish they'd kept about the leaked one. The leaked version is darker and meaner. It has Robin's lead on the bridges and they should have tried to at least come up with something similar because it was awesome. I don't hate Absurd as much as I did Silkworms ( even though I like the CD era ) but it's still an annoying song overall. Those somewhat punk guitars are the only thing I like about it.
  3. Been a while since I posted here... But since GnR decided to get up their asses and actually do what bands do, here I am again. For those few who remember me from before... Here is what I look like nowadays ( with the bonus constipated look ).
  4. True...That's the best part of the song. It genuinely surprises me every time and I might be on my 80th play in a row right now.
  5. Axl's voice shreds on this version. Pretty cool version even though I loved the one that leaked two years ago. Kinda miss what I assume was Robin's lead on the bridge between the choruses and the verses. Pretty dope to get a clean version after all. Can't believe they are actually releasing music. Will buy it as soon as it gets released here so good job GnR and whoever is responsible for getting this released.
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