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  1. Random question to anyone who paid closer attention...

    I know VR played some GNR stuff (It's So Easy, Brownstone, Used to Love Her, maybe some others I'm forgetting)...but before teaming up with Myles, how long had it been since Slash dug into the rest of the GNR catalog (stuff like SCOM, Civil War, YCBM, Nightrain, WTTJ, etc.)?

    I know this tour'll be the first time he touches stuff like NR, Don't Cry, and Estranged in years.


    xBrownstonex's PhotoxBrownstonex

    He added you could be mine to th setlist for the world on fire tour. SCOM and nightrain have always been regulars unsure about civil war but i did see them cover it acoustically in 2010. Also he plays double talkin jive i believe on the last tour aswell?

    Yes, I saw him in Norway back in June and he played Nightrain, SCOM, YCBM, Double Talkin' Jive, Jungle, Rocket Queen and Paradise City. The only VR song played was Slither.

  2. http://bildr.no/view/TXlwUmVR

    Kristian Valen also posted this on his public Facebook page:

    "I said this here on Facebook about 7 months ago.... but did anyone listen to me? Noooo.

    It was great seeing them work together in studio bit by bit back in 2014. Looking forward to seeing

    them together again!"

    Regarding the two pictures posting earlier, the first one is from 2013 when he was invited by Slash

    to his house in LA on a nachspiel.

    The second seems to have been taken in May 2014.

  3. 1. Richard - Honestly, just listen to this guy! In my opinion he is the most overall-talented guitarist Guns N' Roses has ever had. Put him on lead on a new record and it will be great. The first vid. may not be related to Guns' style music, but the diversity in his playing is fantastic. And the second vid. Blown away. If I could put together my dream lineup of all the musicians that has been in this band, he would be one of the two guitarists. I think it's a shame that he doesn't get more spotlight. I love his modern blues-rock sound and the way he plays. I also LOVE his presence and energy when he is on stage!

    2. Ron - Ron is a fantastic player in so many ways and technically speaking he is probably one of the most skilled guys out there. Despite of that I think his solos in Guns is a little over the top with all the shredding and tapping and stuff. Thats only my personal opinion on that matter, but hey, that is him, thats his artistic touch to playing. No one can change the way he plays or make him do that, and no one should even try.

    He is a great arranger and songwriter, and I think he and Axl could make some unbelieveable songs together. Really hope that happens someday. Even though I haven't met him, he is probably the guy in Guns I respect the most. Seems like such an humble, nice and awesome guy.

    3. DJ - Well, I don't care much for his playing or playingstyle at all. I thought his playing in Sixx A.M. was OK, and I think he could contribute with some OK solos on an future Guns album, but he REALLY doesn't cut it live, at least in my opinion. I think it's way too much show and pose and too little.. well, good and solid guitar-playing. Like this for instance: From 6:00 to about :30. Come on. DJ, have you ever heard of playing in TIME? You can se Bumblefoot and Axl laughing/shaking their heads and just looking at him like; "The fuck is this?..." And that says alot.

    Just my two cents.. Keep in mind that this is my personal opinion, and opinions are like assholes: Everyone has one.

  4. Sweet! I'll look into it sometime this week then. How fast do you need it?


    LOL I'm currently equipped with the tiniest Fender guitar combo-amp and my custom P-bass. That ridiculously small amp (that really is for guitar) has a very nice "thumpy" sound when I play my bass through it though, so i think it will fit this song nicely!

    Spending easter at the family cabin, hence the lack of bass amp. Didn't bother bringing my Ampeg PF-500.

    This shall be a fun challenge :lol:

  5. Hope Duff has that signature duff bass sound... mmmmm! something that has been missing for a long, long time, nothing against tommy, sure he could do it if h eput the time and dialed in the chorus and what not... but you can't beat duff slapping the bas man! slap da bass! :D

    Probably close, but i don't think it's all the same as it used to be. IIRC he stopped using the amp that made his sound famous a while ago. But I'm sure it sounds fantastic!

    And Tommy could without a doubt dial in the same sound and chorus, but that isn't his sound. It isn't universal for everyone, but most musicians tend to keep their own sound regardless of what band they play in since it is, well, their own sound.

  6. Axl should have called Izzy.

    I don't think so. Think of the message he would be sending "the band I have been trying to build for the last 15 years is not Guns. Izzy and Duff are Gn'R". I know, I know, most of us think that already but not everyone.

    One member of real Guns is enough for him to have a "surprise", make some fans happy but at the same time to not send the wrong message about this current band and the current line-up.

    This is spot on.

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