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  1. Your blog is true to my heart. I havemade sure that no matter what I eat each day I include 1 cup of oatmeal, 2 servings fruit, 3 cups vegetables and - 2 eggs! Been doing this for some time now. It kills the cravings.

  2. Suggesting that I am a guy is so cute since YOU are my favourite member!

  3. No one DOES know.

  4. Oh Sunny, if someone forgets I'm a girl from looking at my hairstyle, they need only lower their gaze and be reminded.

  5. I'm Canadian, this is my post Thanksgiving figure.

  6. Then my work here is done.

  7. n00dz? You can check my profile, but that's all you get. Now vote, vote, vote.

  8. Thank you for your nice comment. Debate doesn't have to become battle.

  9. You asked for it...How do you make copper wire? Two Dutchman fighting over a penny.

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