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  1. On Tuesday 15th December 2009, @axlrose said:


    Osaka!! Seems like only yesterday I was waking up after r show here... On the floor... In a strange place!! Back in The Belly of th Beast from the East!! 2 down!! Already? Gots to wear my marshmello suit 4 da' pyro!! Still not convinced I am here. Search n' Rescue best check Malibu I could be in a suspended state of disbelief!! Maybe Catcher tonite?



  2. A bunch of us just rocked out to a great version of SCOM. So who cares if some thought it was the best, or if we thought it was the best only while in the moment? Quit being a bunch of killjoys. What, are you only happy when people are miserable? Sorry, felt great there for a moment. Didn't mean to offend.

  3. :rofl-lol:

    No you bunch of penisses. Look closer to Swingtrader's post!!! It's right there......

    Swingtrader's last post:

    FUCK THAT SHIT. I want rasp all the time. I don't want him to regress back to mickey mouse again. lol

    what does that have to do with anything?

    You missed it by an inch!!!!!

    are we talking about your penis again?? :P

    Excuse me, does this topic have anything to do with my cock? ;)

    Don't know. If it's an inch, I probably missed it.

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