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  1. Reminds me of this Vicky Hamilton story. "Vicky also recalls a time when she saved the band from potentially losing millions of dollars in revenue when she walked in on Axl thrashing out a deal to sell record producer Kim Fowley three of what would become the band's biggest hits from Appetite for Destruction for a mere $2,500. She told him: 'Dude you cannot do that, we're in the middle of a bidding war with lots of record labels here you cannot sell out these songs.' 'Axl was just like "I can write a million songs" and I said 'Maybe so but can you write a million songs like these?' 'It was Welcome to the Jungle and two of the others that ended up on Appetite. 'He just said, "We really need the money". He was ready to say OK and I was like: "Are you crazy you cannot do that." Vicky left the pair and went to do some laundry and Fowley followed her screaming at her, 'You messed up my deal! I deserve a piece of that!'"
  2. Nice. On first listen I thought it was "Try'na get me motivated, livin' when I'm constipated", so glad to realise I was mistaken Edit: actually, I hear it as "living with the constant pain" rather than "living within constant fear".
  3. Amazing job on this. What are the details for the one show missed by Axl? I vaguely remember that it was opening for Alice Cooper and there were discussions around firing Axl, although I might be misremembering. Do we have a setlist?
  4. "MOGADISHU SOMALIA..... GOOD.... FUCKING..... NIGHT" Would pay to watch.
  5. I don't know, seems like I'm going a bit against the grain here but I've always been a bit meh about this one. One of the things that made me love GNR was how a song like NT could be so epic while celebrating how little they had. Obviously that's going to change by the time of UYI, but it always seemed a bit grating to go from being an urchin livin under the street to whinging about problems in spite of diamonds and fast cars and money to burn.
  6. For those struggling with VPN I managed to find it using the site referenced earlier in this thread (hint: see my most recent liked post)
  7. Of all the useless bits of trivia I've learnt from the internet, the most useless has to be that the noise you're describing is based on Chester Cheetah from Cheeto's adverts. I mean, the human brain is an amazing thing that could be put towards something worthwhile and I'm using up part of mine to remember THIS
  8. Been a while since I watched this but I think it got referenced in ISE as well, with the "I see you standing there" part changed to reference a parking attendant, and possibly the most passionate "FUCK OFF' of any ISE performance
  9. Around the time Axl had lost some weight and there were lots of posts commenting on that. 'Less bloated' was used in seriousness a few times. Cracking jokes comes from how a lot of people who have had dealings with Axl refer to him always making jokes. Also, the occasional video would surface with Axl interacting with fans where he would be in good humour, and these would be discussed on the forum. Eventually someone made a joke version of one of these posts and included how it was good to see Axl 'less bloated and cracking jokes', and it became a meme.
  10. I'm not sure, just remember the picture being a massive wtf moment that became an instant forum meme!
  11. Just wondering if anyone has information on the June 1989 show at The Whiskey where members of GNR appeared with The Angels. I think they also did a song with Angry Anderson too. Do we have the details of who from GNR made an appearance, and a full list of the songs they performed? There's some footage out there but I'm not sure if it's complete.
  12. Seems unlikely to me that Duff didn't have at least some familiarity with the Mentors song. The title is taken from it and the chorus has heavy similarities. Beyond that the GNR song is completely different so can't be called a cover. Love how they're clearly having a great time when they made that demo.
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