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  1. Yeah, I watched it at the time too. It was a pretty stupid question to ask him when he made the blowjob comment. As if the most ridiculous rumour about Slash was going to be kids tv friendly! Then they decided to continue for another three minutes and of course there was an inevitable f-word
  2. I ended up on this old page on the BBC website. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/1165688.stm It's a roundup of a few things that had been broadcast on UK tv that had led to complaints back in 2000/1. Embarrassingly I ended up on that page as I was looking up what William G Stewart had to say on the Elgin marbles during an episode of Fifteen to One. Jeez, what the frig has happened to me Anyway, there's a reference to the time Slash went on Saturday morning kids tv, swore and referred to getting a blowjob in a bar. I particularly enjoyed this paragraph, which I can o
  3. On my mobile this thread was abbreviated as "Guns N' Roses to Release Chi.." and I open it to find this
  4. But isn't the verse about waking up at 7 describing the pre-Brownstone situation where he was able to get up on time. What you're describing is the "now I get up around whenever" Izzy But yeah, that does leave a lot of time unaccounted for, especially as we now know he could write a song like Mr Brownstone in just five minutes!
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