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  1. I read it as the female manager was the apartment manager, not the band manager.
  2. My reaction at the time was different. I literally couldn't believe what I was witnessing and how awesome it was. I remember it being confirmed Axl would be in AC/DC. I thought it sounded amazing, but would probably be awful. Then the sound check/rehearsal audio started to leak and I was just completely blown away by how phenomenal Axl sounded. I couldn't wait for that first show, and we got so lucky with that stream from right near the front. Not sure how that female Axl fan managed to avoid a beating, going on about the 'disgusting' AC/DC fans . It sounds ridiculous, but that first
  3. Earlier I was listening to AFD as I worked, and was reminded how I've always thought the lyrics to Anything Goes in the liner notes are incorrect. I don't have the liner notes to hand, but the lyrics online - which I think are based on the liner notes are: Panties round your knees With your ass in debris Doing that grind With a push and a squeeze I've always heard that second line as "ass in the breeze", which rhymes better and to me sounds more like what Axl sings. What do others reckon? It's clearly very important that when I sing along to AG I can be sure
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