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  1. I guess? Was that around the to aviod any incident? Just for giggles: 1999 - 2000 Intentions 2002 - Chinese Democracy 2006 - Chinese Democracy II 2010 - Guns N' Roses 2011 - The Chinese Democracy Remixes 2014 - Legend of the Red Panda 2017 - Stay Of Execution lol.
  2. Even if he doesn't it's better to try it this time instead of four more years of What Ifs just for this show to be repeated in 2024.
  3. Even if these counted as evidence, means nothing, as we've had plenty of evidence they had been recording almost ten years prior to their last release.
  4. Maybe what happened wasn't in between Abu Dhabi '10 and Rio '11. I like to think whatever happened, happened midconcert in Rio '11, or just before it. Going Down was on the setlist, they rehearsaled Oh My God. Then we got a two/three hours late start with a sad Axl on a soaked stage. He had a face like something had just been broken. Who knows.
  5. We're like sports fans. Just go to any team who's in a bad phase social network and you'll see the same type of thing, specially if it's evident that the results come from bad management and bad decisions instead of lack of talent. Guns N' Roses should be glad they have fans so passionate, but they're fucking blind. Of course I'll complain. You can't take that away from me, and you if you think I'm pathetic for caring so much, like you seem to display sometimes, shouldn't be you who should be ashamed to care so much? You're a fucking millionaire, idiot, I'm random fuck in Brazil who loves your
  6. Dazey, it's absolutely impossible to release music in 2020, haven't you heard the news from Slash? There's just no way to do it. Such an abstract concept, with you know, the internet and all that, really baffles me that some people are doing the effort to solve the impossible enigma. A miracle sounds proper.
  7. If you piss them off they might reply. A polite approach has never worked before, but on more than one ocasion they've both blasted when confronted. "Complaints, complaints, complaints." You might try.
  8. They played so much around they now have to announce concerts at places that don't even exist yet. Jesus Christ.
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