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  1. What risks? Risk of being healthy person for the last 2 decades? Or to take unregistered experimental iRNK vaccine for unisolated virus and risk of getting something unknown? why would you get it? i dont mind if you get it, my friend, it is your choice and life and I wish that you are in peace with your heart and soul and have a good health prosper life after getting it and I truly mean it
  2. I support and agree with you i support anyone to have a free choice to choose what to do with your body i do not believe in pharma-mafia i do not believe in WHO who is private corporation mostly funded by eugenist Bill Gates who said several times that the world has more population than it is needed and it should be depopulated by vaccinne people are dying, that is true but more people died from cardiorespiratory diseases, cancer etc than this virus and nobody tells you that and I do not understand why do you get vaccinate if you are in good health do
  3. I just read this last page and I wanted to read something about SMKC so please, admins/moderators, can we stay on the fucking topic! fuck your CD, UYI, TSI and other fucking statements and comparisons - they all have their own million topics!
  4. Absolutely agreeeeee! godfather theme into DTJ and then .... explosion! Ritz 1988 just love that story! 2006 RiR longest scream ever!
  5. Sorry, been away for a while, what is HOT these days, please? thanks
  6. Hey man, you missed the point! no one is hater here! Axl saved Ac/dc, improved his stage lateness, sings for more than 3hours which is unbelievable and we all love him here! he is not serious about releasing albums Myles is a ,,dying cat"? Common, man! You may not like him as a singer but to name him like that is childish! and do not talk in the name of everyone saying ,,nobody" - you can speak for yourself or at least majority but I highly doubt it. when you put all the differences aside, they are both great singers, that is the truth! now d
  7. Thank you for this post, man! it is beautifully written and you said it all as it should be - Myles stepping in, Slash revitalizing GnR songs and Axl's unseriousnes!
  8. Totally support your post also, when I found about Alter bridge, it was a slow grower too but now it is in my top 5 bands, they are amazing!
  9. I enjoyed watching this videos and thought they were very cool wish we had it more coming in next period
  10. Myles is a fantastic guitar player and has absolutely great vocal, no question about it!!! and I do understand if you do not like it, it is alright just wanted to say anything positive about Myles as you all just bitch about him
  11. I never saw Slash or Duff live so I would go anytime to see them if they were near to my home even if it is in the next 10 years I assume there are many others who feel like me I don't have any issues if there is no new album. If there is one, I don't have high hopes or expectations - half of it would be good, other half probably so-so. Im just glad they are back together
  12. I dont know i have US version and it is totally great, no skipping or any other sound issues and yes it has FBI anti etc sticker
  13. I liked it axl was struggling even on ISE but could get pass by frank did a good job duff, good as usual richard, I like him, shows energy and that he enjoys slash, well, he is the KING!
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