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  1. Can't stop playing this thing over and over. It hits HARD. The best part to me is, you know what it sounds like? Unmistakably, a Guns N Fucking Roses song. I love it.
  2. I think it sounds incredible. I love everything that's added vs the leaked version.. sounds like a classic Guns track to me. Slash sounds amazing.
  3. I think the guitar work on this version is incredible. I think I fucking dig this!
  4. In terms of what they would realistically pick, Jungle. The "Do you know where the fuck you are" as an intro is tremendous. Pipe dream world, Right Next Door to Hell would be my choice.
  5. It should be between 7:30-8:00 EST. I'll be there, with a few who will be seeing them for the first time. Hoping Axl has been getting himself ready!
  6. Much more of a punk vibe on this song, kinda cool that their first 2 songs sound pretty different.
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