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  1. There are no words in the English language to express the level of contempt I currently have for all things identity politics. It's gotten so bad that every time it happens, regardless of its validity, I just roll my eyes and think "nope".
  2. I learned many, many years ago that when it comes to the internet (and especially message boards), hate is the blood which keeps the machine running.
  3. I'm not into rock music because it's chock full of nice, swell guys who love their fellow man and go out of their way to make everyone happy. If I want that, I'll find some other genre to listen to.
  4. The mortality rate for the corona virus in healthy individuals is about 0.5% compared to 0.1% for the regular flu. So how is it worth getting "concerned about" if you're a healthy person? Because of that extra 0.4%? This is madness on a grand scale. Unless you're elderly or have a compromised immune system, you have a better chance of dying in a car crash (0.9%) than you do corona virus.
  5. Yes, but if you dig into the credits of Ozzy's latest record, you'll see that there are multiple songwriters on board. Guns N Roses (I hope) won't stoop to that level, which is why it's a lot harder for them.
  6. The idea of a "prime" for a song-writer doesn't make sense. Take look at John Williams (Star Wars). Do you know how old he was when he scored those first three movies? He was forty-five years old which--according to the ridiculous theory of a composer having a "prime"--should have meant he would have been unable to pull that off. But he did; and he did with flying colors. All a song writer (or novelist) has to worry about is how many bullets are in the chamber. Some artists have more (Beatles) and some have less (Stone Temple Pilots), but in the end, that's all there is to it. A writ
  7. Back when people bought records still, and bands didn't need to charge a thousand dollars a ticket to see them up close.
  8. Personally, I thought the duet with Springsteen sounded horrible. You can hear the Mickey already giving birth to itself. There was rasp, but his voice had that weak, squeaky vibe that would later come into full fruition during the CD tour. For me, Axl's voice never sounded as good after the UYI tours ended. After that, it just slowly lost its way.
  9. Their latest single makes Axl's experimental Silk Worms era sound like Beethoven. I seriously thought it was a joke when I heard it. Like, is this shit for real? Completely ridiculous.
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