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  1. I understand lol. I'm just curious as to what would literally happen if the Admin just said fuck it. I mean, what are we talking about it here? Litigation? The site being taken down permanently? What?
  2. So what would happen if we all just started posting links anyway?
  3. Just curious. Why not? Will this place get sued? Has it been sued in the past? Did I miss something here? lol
  4. I'm a purist, so it's always bothered me. Even back when they started playing it during NFL kickoffs. But it didn't get to the point of making want to vomit until I saw Axl Fuckin' Rose slowly raising a Budweiser. For me, that was where shit just went too far. GNR aren't the only ones though. Seems the vast majority of rock stars lose their ideals at a certain point. Just look at fucking Metallica singing on stage with Hanna Montana for crying out loud.
  5. You really think it would be cool to watch what was once the most dangerous band in the world lip syncing during the Super Bowl?
  6. What are we talking about here? Vocal melodies and lyrics? Or actual complete songs, like what Bob Dylan does? Two completely different things.
  7. I believe it's both, sort of. I think Axl suffered use-related damage to his vocal chords from that gargantuan UYI tour (you can hear it when he performs at the HOF with Springsteen), but I also think a lot of it is him trying to purposefully not do even more damage, and that's why you heard what you heard when he sang for AC/DC. No, even when it gives it his all, he's not 1988 Axl. But he can get a hell of a lot closer than he current is, if he wants to. He just doesn't want to, because he's trying keep his throat from ripping apart again.
  8. That's a great idea, actually. Please let me know when you do! I'd like to hear that.
  9. I buy physical-only because of its superior sound (I have a really high end stereo system), but I also buy it because of the tangible joy of owning it. The fact that it blows streaming away in quality is nice, but even if it didn't, I probably still would because it's just so much more enjoyable--to me--to have a that gatefold and lyric sheet in my hand while the record is playing.
  10. As long as it has the "What can I do, with a bitch like you?" line in it... I'm in. So much better than simply yelling ABSURD over and over again in a fake British accent.
  11. Yes. The intro building up to the explosive first verse was superior imo. As was the rhythm guitars (far more aggressive) and drums. The vocals on the leak were also mixed better, which shouldn't be surprising. Overall, the original was just way more aggressive and powerful. Outside of Slash's solos which are good, it sounds sleepy and tired by comparison--like someone robbed it of its energy.
  12. Here is my take. Intro - Original version murders the new version. The build up and explosion into the first verse is epic. Rhythm guitars - Original version. They were more aggressive and in your face. Lead guitar/solos - New version. Neither are stellar imo, but Slash definitely did a better job than that forgettable thing that was in the original version. Vocals - Obviously they're the same, so a wash. But I will say this: they fit in better with the track they were meant for. You can tell they were copy-and-pasted in the new version and it seems a little strange. Drums - Original version. More aggressive, better mixed. Overall, I say the original version was better sans the solo work. Wish Axl had just left it alone and let Slash do his soloing over that instead of what we got, but hey... it's nice to see the song finally come out in any iteration!
  13. It isn't surprising. And of course they're going to lack something compared to their twenty-something selves. I was just pointing it out because well... it's true. That, and I wanted to share my personal views on the subject because for me, current live GNR is just, meh. I mean, when you've got a billion clips of the 80's and early 90's GNR shows at your disposal, why in the world would you want to watch anything current? Because the video is less grainy? Because it's in widescreen? I just don't get it. They were better then. Far, far better. Now, if we're talking new music, that's a whole other issue. I'm still very interested in that.
  14. This is a management crew who literally hires young female models, ushers them out near the front row, groups them together and then snaps their photos so they can make people think the young and the beautiful attend the concerts on all their social media outlets. Nothing surprises me.
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