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  1. I'm guessing you put little stock in the whole composition side of talent. Because aside from Buckethead, no one (outside of Axl, of course) in that 2002 band had written much of anything worth dick. Slash, Izzy, Duff and Steven wrote Appetite for crying out loud. lol
  2. I wouldn't call Damage Inc. "redneck music"... but that's just me.
  3. Even when the band was at its peak between the late 80's and early 90's it was mostly men. Most of the girls were just rock-star worshiping. And with songs like It's So Easy and Back of Bitch, it's absolutely no wonder why.
  4. If we're going there, I want Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse "the body" Ventura doing the play by play.
  5. I try to follow the whole "do unto others as you would have done unto you" thing, so I voted for Axl's mental health.
  6. I don't think Axl and co. "don't give a fuck". I just think they have a different perspective. I don't think they view not saying something as being a negative. I think they just view it as being silent. If people get angry about silence, they feel it's on them to figure out etc. Me personally, I see both sides. Fans are used to being treated a certain way, so of course they're going to expect more out of GNR than GNR is willing to give. But I also see Axl's point of view. I like my privacy. I also don't believe not saying something is saying something... if you know what I mean. Eit
  7. I feel like, if Guns released some of these videos officially, most of it would make millions. Casuals would definitely buy it up and the die hard fans would too. Makes you wonder why they're just sitting on a pile of cash.
  8. They were both equally wasted because without them together, they're only 1/5th the magic recipe.
  9. When I first heard of it, the only reason I got excited was because I thought we'd get a new record (Izzy, at that point, was expected to return as well). I bought tickets, saw them in 2016 and then... *insert the sound of the cold breeze at the end of TIL* For me, it's now basically like it was between 1993-2016. I live my life, occasionally listen to GNR and sometimes think, what if?
  10. The fact that they excluded the Beatles makes this (as well as any other "best of all time" polls which also exclude The Beatles) completely null. Like them, hate them... I don't care. They stand alone.
  11. Yes, it's attitudes such as these which gave rise to the Seattle movement. Not many people can relate to such ridiculousness.
  12. Oh, I don't know... maybe to lower the risk of dropping dead of a massive coronary? Yeah, there's no guarantees in life. Some trim, healthy people die young. Some unhealthy, fat people defy the odds. But that's just it: they're defying the odds. The medical literature is very clear about this. A man his age who doesn't work out, eats way too much and carries a BMI that high is at a markedly increased risk for all sorts of health problems and premature death. But again, it's his life. And if he doesn't care about his health, it's his health not to care about and that's fine. I was ju
  13. Yeah, I have no idea why he hasn't trimmed down like Duff. If not for better shows, how about his health? I don't want to hear it from the fat-apologists. Being a fifty-nine-year-old male with a history like his, carrying around a gut like that is just asking for health issues.
  14. The worst of it is where he basically says he wants to donate money to starving people for publicity.
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