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  1. I actually read a study that some scientists did where they determined the perfect listening time for an album of music is exactly 30 minutes. Anything over that, the listener slowly begins to lose his or her attention.
  2. I never understood a lot of the specific criticisms toward the actual music. When you listen to songs like Estranged and Breakdown, it's very easy to see the natural progression toward songs like Catcher in the Rye and Prostitute. Even if Slash and Duff had remained in the band, I still think those songs would have made whatever album came out next because they seem completely logical in the context of Axl's evolution as a songwriter.
  3. The reason GNR (imo) dwarfed a lot of the bands is because unlike most, they were 100% about the music and genuine. Yes, they liked woman and money, but their music was sacred and came first. Compare that to Bon Jovi who literally hired a professional song writer to help them write a bunch of watered-down, dated, candy-ass, bubblegum rock songs in order to stay in the charts. That's the real reason people pay attention to Axl more than him. Because Axl was a real artist, doing it the right way and people can respect that. Nobody can respect what Bon Jovi did. Not in the rock world anyway. In the rock world, that sort of thing is straight clown show.
  4. Probably because back in the day, GNR eclipsed them to the point of irrelevance.
  5. The GNR copy-write police is growing tiresome. Enjoy your youth, because time only speeds up. In the perceived time it took for you to get from high-school to twenty-four, another ten years will have passed, and you'll be going... wtf? I was young like, two seconds ago!
  6. No. I have two rock stations in the area. One only plays old rock, and the other plays a mixture of 90's rock and modern junk like Imagine Dragons. Neither fit the bill when it comes to new GNR.
  7. I got the album at launch and went with the CD version because of all the reported pressing issues at the time. Glad I did too, as there is nothing more annoying than having to buy, return, buy, return, buy, return new vinyl records (I've done it way too often). Plus, unlike most CD's these days, Chinese was mastered with great dynamic range so there is really not much of a pay off going vinyl outside of just liking the way it sounds, or wanting to collect it (nothing wrong with either of those two things imo).
  8. Completely disagree. To me, the HOF voice sounds choked, weak and tiny. It's like someone is literally squeezing his neck.
  9. To me, GNR was at their best when they were playing live, and it sounded as if every member was hanging on by mere threads. That at any moment, said thread could snap and everything would collapse and all hell would completely break loose. Sometimes that thread did snap, and all hell literally did break loose. But most of the times, it held--just barely. And that's what I think of when I think of how GNR is suppose to feel. It's also why, regardless of how awesome Buckethead is (and I truly think he is), he wasn't a good fit. GNR is suppose to sound disjointed, edgy, slightly out of step and violent. None of those things describe Buckethead.
  10. I said hints of Mickey lol. It's not overt, but you can hear the HOF tightness in his voice, especially when he really goes for it after the breakdown where he talks in spoken voice. It's just not as loose. At least to my ears, anyway.
  11. I think on 'Devil, Axl's probably benefiting from studio trickery, and that's why it sounds better. Because if you listen to that track closely (and I have; I've owned the actual CD single since 1994), you can already hear hints of Mickey, similarly to the way he sounded during that HOF performance.
  12. I don't find it fair because you're trying to compare a newer band which writes, records and releases new music to one that is edging close to forty years old and only tours. They're just so different in so many ways. But there's nothing wrong with doing it, if that's what you want to do. I didn't mean any disrespect.
  13. SCOM isn't my personal favorite. But as simple as it is, it's probably the best, structurally speaking. Every single note is in the perfect spot. It climbs and falls right when it should. There is literally nothing about it that seems off in any way, and that's why I put it at the top.
  14. I wasn't talking about image either. Axl and that band were actually what they purported to be. Riots, fights, mayhem and violence... not to mention how fucking over-the-top aggressive they were. It was like a time-bomb just waiting to go off at any minute, and you could hear that manic tension via their music on most nights. If you compare that to SMKC, it's like comparing Debbie Gibson to the Sex Pistols. Not possible. But if we're just talking current GNR (which again, is unfair), then it gets much closer. But GNR still sounds edgier to me. Still has a lot more bite to it. Sure, they're nothing compared to what they once were, but it's still far closer to what I consider to be rock music than what SMKC is. Far closer.
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