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  1. 22 hours ago, Gold top 78 said:

    Yeah got to agree everything seems programmed ,from the videos behind the band to the pyros to the the movement and positioning of the band onstage. Not a knock on the shows because if your not on a forum and don’t follow the band then it’s a good show. 

    This is exactly it.... 

    How many people from this show do you think actually go on a guns n roses "forum" and check up on every show and setlist??

    Or do they just follow the band on facebook or Instagram and are enjoying the shows for what they are? 

    The majority dont know what songs they played at the last gig or even care. 

    Its only a few hundred people or so on these forums that seem to have a problem with the setlist. 


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  2. On 08/09/2019 at 6:45 AM, Sprite said:

    I think the hype you are speaking of is due to being on a gnr forum and this being a song title known for a long time so people are excited to finally hear it. 

    Hard school is a strange term. What the hell is a rocket queen for that matter? 

    Why don’t you just write the next song since you know where it needs to go? I mean seriously, you know the direction and what you want to hear, just write and record it?

    It’s like you don’t have to eat at the restaurant. You liked  a meal there once but everything has been shit since. So you order the same thing you liked or stop eating there or make something yourself. 

    Didnt Duff write a song about Facebook? Slash’s solo stuff was highly... questionable until recently. Izzy has some great solo stuff but if I’m being honest, half of it is forgettable. 

    Not trying to put you down I just don’t get the complaints and it’s not you specifically, just in general people like to complain like I’m doing now about people complaining. Damn

    Ok, get me in the studio with these guys and i will 100% come up with something far far better 👍


    The song is just lame and basic 🤷‍♂️ 


    Same goes for Atlas.. Which is just embarrassing 🤦‍♂️ 

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  3. Im sorry guys but i really don't understand the hype for this song?? 

    I really liked the clip we all had for years and had high hopes for the rest of the song. 

    But to me its really weak and kind of cringy/embarrassing "Hard School"?. Wtf are we like 15 or something... Its really basic and easily forgotten 😔 

    To me this proves that Axl needs Slash and Duff and Izzy more than ever if we are gonna see anything remotely worthy of the gnr name. 


    Wheres the riffs??? 

  4. I think we should all just face reality and admit that Axl can no longer sing....... 

    He's out of tune, flat and struggling. 

    Why they still choose to play songs he can't sing is beyond me. 

    Nobody  would care if they didn't do "This I Love". 

    Without knowing of any health conditions Axl may have its difficult to say what he should do.... Get in shape, rehearse with band, try a different key etc etc


    I think he's just lost it to be honest. 

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  5. 54 minutes ago, Rocking Rob said:

    I was quite disappointed with how static the crowed was. There was loads of singing which was nice but very little jumping, bouncing, minor moshing.  I was only 3 people back from the barrier in ga and it was just a little dull.  Good music though, I enjoyed the show and although axl is not what he used to be it was good enough for me

    I think it's the GC that ruins the atmosphere, all the people who would go crazy and jump etc etc would usually all find themselves near the front but because of the barriers the crazy party people where mixed with the "singalong" "hold your phone up" people and the energy was sporadic and lack luster.


    + that piano/song intro to November rain was probably the worst thing I've heard at a rock concert 

  6. 2 minutes ago, Tom-Ass said:

    Looks like a killer show.. AWESOME crowd, I love the way the Stadium is set up. Axl sound good from the little bit I have heard.

    I think the "golden circle" thing is a total crowd killer, all the people that would be going nuts probably can't afford those tickets, so we get a bunch of boring wankers at the front just stood there.

  7. 9 hours ago, AlexC said:

    Here's my review of the show:

    We started queuing at 1 so that we could get right to the front on the right of the walkway as I always thought that would be the best place to be for some reason, and yes, that's the place we ended up. But because we'd been waiting and waiting in ridiculous heat for over 7 hours by the time AC/DC started we were fucking exhausted and the crowd was rowdy, I mean violently rowdy at the front. I've been on the barriers to see Slipknot and the crowd wasn't as insane as this. It actually pissed me off a bit as we'd waited for hours to get to that position and as soon as Rock or Bust started a bunch of drunken cunts were elbowing there way past us but because you were stuck and literally couldn't move you couldn't really do anything about it. It ruined a big part of the show for us to be honest and my mates girlfriend had to get dragged out as her arm nearly got broken.

    Anyway, aside from being surrounded by assholes the show was truly phenomenal. Seeing Axl so close is actually quite overwhelming. His stage presence is incredible, watching him belt out classic AC/DC songs is just amazing. I'm not gonna bother telling you how great he sounded and on what songs he did the best on as you can all hear that from the footage. I will say this though, except for T.N.T he seemed to slightly add some rasp on his vocals to songs he often sings clean and has dirtied them up a bit such as HAaBPtB, DDDDC, SC and HtH. His control was superior to the other shows since he's been standing again as far as I could tell as well.

    But to experience this show live and close up is magic. Axl is one cool motherfucker and looks brilliant. He actually looks 1000x better in person than on photos etc. And he looked so happy throughout the show and seemed to enjoy watching Angus as much as we all did. Absolutely sensational frontman and to see him up close doing this well was worth all the waiting and pain and you just kind of forget everything else as you're mesmerized for two hours.

    I really can't wait for the GN'R tour but if i have to go to Manchester I'm not going right to the barriers again haha, it's overrated :P

    One more thing. Angus Young is an absolute machine, he makes you tired just watching him.

    Highlights: Axl and Angus first coming on stage to Rock or Bust. High Voltage, Hells Bells, Angus's Let There Be Rock Solo (Yes I take it all back, in person it's glorious) and For Those About to Rock.

    Also, for you people curious about the hat situation. Axl didn't wear anything on his head until around Dirty Deeds or possibly a tad earlier as he put his blue bandana on, which was awesome. He didn't put his hat on until Hells Bells and kept it on until the encore, for the encore he wore his white jacket and red bandana, he looked like Tokyo '92 during Paradise City it was the best thing EVER. Haha :P


    Haha can't believe you queued from 1pm????  That's crazy!  I was outside getting high till about 7pm then strolled straight to the front.

    And I was definitely one of those "drunken cunts" haha what did you expect? 

    If you didn't want to party you should have taken a seat.

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