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  1. Haha noticed that too. This is one thoughtful individual!
  2. Caught this last night from the center of the pit rail. 8th or 9th show of the reunion, including 2 from 2016, and 3 from the pit rail, including the LA Forum masterpiece. This show was right up there with the best I've seen, the best being the 2017 LA Forum.. -They all had a ton of energy, and Axl especially was smiling a lot and was very chatty. -Axl had some really great moments, the LALD scream especially, and the low rasp in Better, Chinese, Night Train, and Madagascar sounds great. He always sounds better live than on people's recordings btw. -Slash's solo was one of the best ones I've seen -Hard Skool is a blast live, so is Absurd btw -Coma is back and is always awesome -Catcher and Sorry came very late in the set and those were really fun surprises. They play these songs so well. -3.5 hours on a random Wednesday in Raleigh was unexpected and it came with a great setlist... that is a really remarkable, no other band plays nearly anywhere close to this long, it's incredible. -Overall this was a fucking amazing time.
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