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  1. I think hs is shit, to me it doesnt sound like a gnr song, absurd or aturd is even worse I hope this isnt the best they have to offer
  2. Sometimes its hard to tell, remember on here years ago people didnt believe the 2nd part of better was real, others didnt believe state of grace scream was axl, there were other songs people on here didnt believe were axl aswell
  3. The more i listen to this sing the more i dislike it, im really not sure why? Iv always thought the demo was ok but after hearing the new version abut 5 times iv decided i dont like it, iv said it in another post that to me it feels like it should be in an episode of horrid henry or denis the menace with the school bell at the start. Just my opinion and im glad others are enjoying it
  4. for me some times the graphics looked really good, at other times it looked pretty poor, like an older ps4 game, some of the bricks on the walls looked like wallpaper effect rather than bricks that would have shape to them, where as in other areas the bricks looked real, at certain parts the stuff on the tables looked like they were flat and had no effort made to look like it was something on a table, again in other areas it looked like items were sitting on a table, the fat guy you buy stuff from (cant remember his name) from what i remember his legs and gut look low resolution and pretty laughable when watching how they move, nothing that serious but when you are running on what is ment to be a high powered ps5 id expect the same level of detail in the full game, i dont remember demon souls looking great in some areas and then really poor in others
  5. so you think just because the guy is almost 60 and singing for almost 3 hours we should all be happy and forget that he sounds bad? people get excited because he has a second or 2 here and there that he sounds half decent. wouldnt be half as bad if the ticket price was not as high
  6. Im not sure about this one, sounds to me like it should be an intro to horrid henry or denis the menace with the school bell at the start lol
  7. I dont believe a word tommy says, cringe guy that talks like he is 12 year old, they pretend to down a bottle of jack on stage when we all know its fake, saying they were out drinking slash when slash was well on before they even met up, then they would drink less so they wouldnt get as drunk
  8. Dont bands normaly want to release good songs as singles? An updated O my god would have been better than this shite, i really dont hold out much hope that a new album will be good, none of the leaks were that great, although some could be not bad if re done
  9. they think we are awe mad ginger, buckfast drinking heroin addicts lol
  10. im not keen on that tbh, just didnt sound like it fits, just my opinion though
  11. I seen a different interview where angus said he had met axl once years ago, and to him he was very, very nice, someone is telling porkies somewhere lol
  12. Iv tried listening to tool a few times after hearing people say how good they are, i just couldnt get into anything i was hearing, each to their own though
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