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  1. Slash can't bend for shit these days, which is part of the problem I think. That and he thinks the song is gay and can't be fucked.
  2. Take out Ashba's name and I agree with this. The reunion has been dullsville.
  3. Well, he does have a bit of an unfair advantage over everyone else...
  4. Wow. That left me kind of speechless. Beautiful.
  5. Perhaps he was bitter than Ron could play him under the table?
  6. I don't see what AC/DC has to do with GNR releasing a record? Two completely different bands.
  7. When has an internet insider ever offered anything of value to an online fan community anyway? Even if they have legit sources (usually highly doubtful), unless what they say comes to fruition, then they're as good as useless anyway.
  8. Once bitten, shame on them - twice bitten - shame on you, 24 times bitten - you need help.
  9. He is guilty of leading fans up the garden path though, making us believe that new music is imminent, when it clearly never was. Covid couldn't have come at a time for Fernando Lebeis.
  10. Funny how the people who usually say that aren't exactly shining beacons of humanity themselves....
  11. It's fans like you why GNR can get away with not putting out new music decades at a time. You do know that, don't you?
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