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  1. If Axl had an ounce of artistic integrity, he would've done one trip around the world on NITL and then made a new album a priority before announcing any more dates. People forget the setlists were tired before the reunion, as Axl had already been touring 6 years on from Chinese Democracy's release. The addition of Coma and Locomotive and a few cover versions wasn't enough to sustain fan or band interest for 5+yrs of live reunion shows. I sincerely hope the wheels fall off this shitshow asap. Axl's pathetic vocals and general ambivalence towards GNR has led me to wish bad things
  2. I think a lot of rock fans, especially throughout the 90s/early 00s didn't really have Prince on their radar, so when he did shit like the Superbowl or the Rock Hall performance, people were genuinely shocked at how great he was.
  3. For most Prince fans, this was just Prince being Prince. We knew for years he could play like this, it only came as a surprise to the people who never knew the full breadth and scope of his talent as a musician.
  4. Tim 'Ripper' Owens actually didn't sound hardly anything like Rob Halford, he could just hit the notes. Vocally and stylistically they are worlds apart (but both excellent in their own right).
  5. I dunno, the way he sounds these days, I'd gladly take somebody who can actually sing without making me want to do a Van Gogh and cut my ears off.
  6. Not without a few stubborn attempts to carry on whilst completely murdering them, ala TIL 2018. Expect voice cracks, randomly changing octaves and whole lines missed before he drops any songs for good.
  7. Guns N Roses x 2 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds x 1 Tori Amos x 7 Morrissey x 2 Michael Jackson x 1 Janet Jackson x 1 Sebastian Bach x 1 Kate Bush x 1 Prince x 3 Drowning Pool x 1 Alice Cooper x1
  8. That would be all well and good if he was going out there killing it every night. I mean, no-ones expecting him to sound like 1987 anymore, but still, if he was going out there even at 2016 level and giving it his all, then perhaps fans wouldn't give him such a hard time. But the combination of no new music ever and downright awful, phoned in performances with vocals that make the chance of even getting a live album out of the question means that fans have every right to be pissed. Axl has taken no pride in anything GNR related in a long, long time.
  9. I think you summed up Axl's career motto post-1992.
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