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  1. A lot of gunners were online in the GnR Hub comunity waiting for this. Nice time talking and downloadin/uploading GnR stuff.
  2. Im totally sure the new album is done. I mean ready to go. Now is on the Motherfucker's hands.
  3. I want my UYI Boxset prior to a new album. And i believe that will help to sell the new stuff better.
  4. Super short video. That was a "suckin dick" question... Metallica n GnR was on the same level on that years and of course someone had to play first. And u know.... nobody wants to play after GnR if they went on stage around midnight. Motorhead FNM Metallica n GnR deserves some release of that tour. 1 bluray for motorhead/NFM, 1 bluray Metallica and 1 for GNR. In a nice boxset. 200 bucks. Take my money.
  5. If that notes are something new.... bah.... no. Of course is not!
  6. I was thinking this a lot. I hope NOT!!! OIAM was censored from the AFD Box... just for the N word. Sex, violence and the shockin truth dont have to through the same censorship. Is meaningless. Go to the new age section.
  7. Its too lazy.... maybe he downloaded the video from youtube and edited with a iphone showing the big 3. Plus Dizzy. I dont get it. Why????
  8. Nobodys talkil about the Duff n Sussan live that made yesterday??? What a good stuff!!!!!!!
  9. Off topic. YCBM DAYTON OHIO 1992-01-13 This is one of the best performances ever?
  10. I have audio only. A very good rant before jungle. Idk how to share some short audio...
  11. We need UYI shows. Not this. But im optimist... we will have both.
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