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  1. Good one. Not a show, but when they taped November Rain video they played some songs too.
  2. Some off topic but... did u saw the trailer from The Beatles "Get Back". Holly sh¡t man, 50 years AFTER!!!!!! Disney and Apple pls your help with GnR!!!!
  3. More like AFD. Also UYI had the rocker stuff that Slash wanted.
  4. Slash want that post uyis i believe... Axl dont
  5. I want this.... but in Guns N Roses. A remastered gig from UYI Tour with cinema premier, then a bluray release.
  6. Hiatus. Maybe making some works on the new album, UYI 30 years boxset and improve the tour with some new stuff like Izzy, Sorum... etc. Or preparing some documentary with the gold dusty old tapes idk. We never know. Im hoping that.
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