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  1. Probably yes. Some fans knew Axl and the band in the 2000s. Nothing wrong with that. Like fans who are AFD fans too. Damn i want news. A UYI Pre-order.
  2. Ok. Release the fkn Houston 2016. Take my money.
  3. Well... i saw this lastnite. Awesome!!! I was hearing ISE all morning and this selects is now the best!!!! Great mixing video (with some exceptions... but great anyways). Like hearing AFD for the fisrt time. Ise and jungle wowww!. Awesome to hear the public too. Idk what more to say, but i believe theyre working ward to make this shit good. Thanks a looooot. Now... the "bad" things now heheheeh: - Pay the retire check to the drummer. - Call Izzy n Sorum. - RQ was saved thanks to Slash. Axl played too safe here. "Sorry for me" but this a low point with the dr
  4. Happy birthday Izzy!!!!!!!!. Dont comeback until they pay that you deserve.
  5. Haaaa! Dis is a joke song. Nothing more. TB: We have new single.
  6. The book is now on presale with a vinyl. https://www.instagram.com/p/CMumJ70jh3O/?igshid=uobg50suk990
  7. We got the AFD 5.1 with some new stuff. We dont need more of that.
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