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  1. Maybe he is planning some halloween stuff. And a good party with his ppl. Showing some music.... very loud.
  2. Maybe covid just saved GnR for this tour to get some time to create new things. And for do some damn old stuff to sale to the fans
  3. Very nice solo!!! Awesome intro to RQ!!! Ohh yeahhhh.
  4. The last show in Mexico was impressive!!!! I enjoyed a lot!!!! I saw it complete via streaming. Axl was in the zone. On fire.
  5. Every time when i think about "its time to let go this fkn band.." somethin happens. So.... its time to let go this fkn band.
  6. Ha! I didnt notice that.... Maybe he knows that GnR will release a fucking monster work on UYI Stuff (or early stuff) and that would be the really trolling. Maaaaayyyyybe. Maaaaaaybe not. Im trying to see light.... im trying......
  7. An extenden version with a new unreleasing songs or what? I didnt understand what u mean. With MyWorld personally... i didnt have a good sound experience until i were in my 30s... so when u have some good files with pro headphones plus some "grass" that change my point of view.
  8. I definitely prefer a song that a no song. And My World is a good Axl drug experiment. I would to hear a good extended version of that one.
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