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  1. The trend is to split the final installment of a franchise into multiple parts to maximize profit. Assuming Spectre is the last Craig movie, this would just be another example of it. Examples: Harry Potter Breaking Bad (Final season split in two) The Hunger Games The Avengers: Infinity War I'm sure over the next few years we'll see Jurassic War - Part 1 and Part 2, Justice League - Batman vs Superman Part 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, Star Wars Episode 9.5, etc
  2. Can't wait for the intro to Bond 25, starring Idris Elba, featuring a montage of flashbacks to the last four movies, with Daniel Craig's skin digitally done up in blackface.
  3. My question is - they obviously set up for a sequel, given that Blofeld is still alive. Are they going to do another Craig movie? Are they going to move forward in the current continuity with a new agent assuming the role of 007? They've established a clear continuity between the last four films and made it obvious that it isn't over yet, but Craig seems to be done with the franchise, and Bond the character seems to be done with his job.
  4. I found the plane chase to be utterly ridiculous, it took a lot out of the second act for me. I forgot about the opening chase/helicopter fight though, that was pretty good too.
  5. Spoiler free opinion: I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. It felt like a cookie cutter Bond movie (not necessarily a bad thing), but with an exceptionally well done third act. The action scenes are lacking in creativity, save for one part, but otherwise they're somewhat boring and predictable. I also didn't mind the Sam Smith song. It could've been a lot worse. Major spoilers ahead:
  6. lol, 67% i remember when people here were saying this would be movie of the year
  7. So with Craig gone, do they plan on continuing the clearly linear storyline that they've had going on in the Craig series? Will they just ignore the fact that Bond is suddenly a black pansexual transgender and act like nothing has changed? Yep. I've got nothing against minorities and whatnot in the media, but they should be creating new characters of those demographics rather than changing all of the already established ones. Ian Fleming had a very clear depiction of Bond's race and physical attributes.
  8. Haven't even heard the Sam Smith song but if it's as bad as his radio songs I'm not interested.
  9. I didn't dislike Skyfall, it's probably a 7-8 on my scale for Bond movies. I just think Goldeneye is the quintessential Bond movie that all Bond movies should strive to be, and Casino Royale was about as perfectly handled a reboot as can be done. Honestly, I'm just ranting because I'm still mad that Skyfall killed the codename theory.
  10. idk, I hold Goldeneye and Casino Royale in much higher regard than Skyfall, so it's not even a competition between Mendes and Campbell to me.
  11. Seems I'm the only one who wasn't crazy about Skyfall? Mendes has done one Bond movie and he's already being called the best Bond director?
  12. I'd be fine with Idris Elba as Bond. It'd be a shame that there'd be a huge race controversy, because he's a great actor and I think he'd play the part well. I'm one of those people who subscribes to the "Bond is a codename carried by multiple people" theory though (fuck Skyfall), so disregard.
  13. New cast members: Dave Bautista Monica Belucci Lea Seydoux Christoph Waltz hype
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