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  1. but hey, slash confirmed the story a million times along the years
  2. other than that if Axl is really such a night person, I doubt he even has a possibility to call anybody at such time lol
  3. 150 people signed up and even if all chose the cheapest 5 bucks membership it's around 7-8 hundred bucks a month. for that kinda income they oughta [censored]
  4. well of course I don't know, I only assume and I make this assumption based on what Axl's former friends or employees say. They reach out to Axl and team brazil opens the door and promises to deliver the message and never hear from Axl back. Izzy said so numerous times. so did Marc Canter. Even when Axl decided to hit Slash up he asked team brazil (not Duff) to get Slash's phone number. but give Axl a mobile phone and the first thing he does is call Sebastian Bach.
  5. it's just digital money paid for selling Axl's soul to the devil the moment he decided to retire, ahem, reunite. the eternity in hell will be the real payback
  6. I would suggest the past members don't talk to Axl rather than Axl trying to hit them up. And I would also point out TB handles all Axl's correspondence, passes all messages and manipulates them the way they see fit
  7. any info if you got to be fully vaccinated to see the show? I ain't buyin tix til i'm sure I'll be let in
  8. I don't doubt Axl said that but I call it bullshit right away. Fakkin poor baby Axl was hard done by and got depressed. Bullshit ,man, he screwed up his own tour and he has nobody else to blame. As for not getting out for days, yea, that's Axl 1994-2009. Stayin at home, not going out for days, being fat and rich and lazy but not being man enough to admit it. If he had , advances would've stopped coming it and that's free money for that guy
  9. thanks for the replies, guys man, this must be mighty irritating dealing with Axl. The guy is just never to blame but in reality he rarely ever does the right thing. No show in Tacoma 02 ? "I would've gotten there eventually". No show in Philly 02? "I cancelled, but my manager forgot to tell ya". No show in Europe 2001? "My manager forgot to tell me we have a tour". And shit never changed, I was watching 2017 Munich the other day and he said "haven't played here since 1993. Promoter's fault". how do fuck you get sick on a tour anyway? you're on the job, take care of yourseful, fool, earn the money, promote the record so you can have a fuckin mini zoo at home, don't go out drinkin all night on tour so you call in sick the morning of the show and blame Dougie for it. People travel, people make arrangements, babysiters, shit like that , uugh
  10. I have been browsing thru my old clip outs collection recently. The 2002 era of the band is my fondest but the band received the worst press ever. The first and the last shows of the tour were cancelled and ended in riots. The band had court gag orders and couldn't comment why the tour was scraped after just a month. But that was 20 years ago and maybe today somebody knows what really happened, why the tour ended after the two best shows, the Boston 2002 and MSG 2002 (sold out) ? I have a hard time believing Axl was a no show in Philly because he'd much rather watch NBA on TV, especially since the same rumour has already been re-hashed many times talking about the UYI tour. Low attendances, around 7k per night, don't seem much lower than 2008-2013 US tours. My theory is, the album was ready to be released in 2002/2003, which prompted Axl to tour behind it. But then something didn't go his way and he wanted to punish the recording company by his usual "I won't promote this record unless you do what you are told", so he refused to hit the stage. Same reason it took him a year to start touring behind Chinese in 2008. Does anybody know? Has any ex members spoken?
  11. you problaby haven't seen any 2006 - 2010 - 2012 shows in a while. He's all happy and smiling and joking there too. He's a drugged up billionaire, Axl. He likes tacos, he can eat all night and sleep all day and not care about the way he looks and when he sings he can get away with murder. Sure he's happy. Been for a while
  12. I watched a 2012 show the other day and I got to thinking how ever since 2006 every new rendition of GNR has been seen by me as the worst ever, only to grow on me once a newer , worse one came on the horizon. I never thought anything worse than 2016 could happen in the GNR universe, and then Axl got fatter and his hair got worse in 2018. And then I thought you can't beat that and we got Hershey 2021. Going back to 2006 shows is such a blast. And to think we used to consider Axl fat in 2006.
  13. the way the quality of GNR keeps deteriorating combined with how much support they still get from casuals and remembering that Axl pretty much adopted a Brazilian family, I would suggest selling rights to Axl's vault once he's dead will bring much more profit to Team Brazil rather than reinvent the wheel with a new album nowadays
  14. Sorry if this is a wrong section but I have just seen Sorum's autobiography plug and there's a picture of the book and of a vinyl. WTF, an audiobook on a vinyl? How many minutes can you fit into a vinyl? two times fifteen? https://assets.blabbermouth.net/media/mattsorumdoubletalkinnew2.jpg
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