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  1. please no box set! the AFD box set is horrible. GNR did (past tense) like three real albums (AFD , UYI, CHIN) and unless you're into bootlegs (I am) that ain't much music to spend your life to. As a kid, way before going online, I used to wear down a few copies of AFD on vinyl, tape, cd, mp3, flac , etc. When they released the remaster in 2018 it just sucked. The sound quality wasn't any better than a good old tape on a proper home system, but the music sounded different. And we ain't talking covers or re-recordings. It was just irritating. Everything that I was used to wasn't there. Like somebody was purposely trying to fool me selling me a chinese imitation of a video console that I used to own as a kid, and I'm looking at it going "damn, I could have sworn I remembered it differently. it's not an original, it's a clone. that's so close yet so far away". It's like you wanna get Playstation 1 in 2021 but you find PSX classic under your xmas tree. oh and did I mention it's overpriced? and stick those lame ass patches and posters up your ass. a thousand bucks? kiss my fakkin ass. and you dare to deem yourself a street punk band. fakk you and your 100 000 bucks a month divorce allimonies . not from my pocket you won't celebrate 30 years of UYI with a fakkin Silkworms re-release and a boxset
  2. released not only a few years too late, it's released two decades too late. it is put out as a single while in reality it's an album filler or a b-side to a proper single. the video is gnr's worst, even worse than shadow of your love. and the video is out of synth with the music. what we are dealing with here is a stunt of a Jimi Hendrix calibre - release a 20+ year old demo, spit a video out and try to make a quick buck or two. 'Cept that Hendrix or Cobain or the Beatles have been dead for decades. Oh... wait...
  3. Hey guys, I know you don't care but I'll tell you anyway. This hot blond chick that accompanied Matt in the Estranged video and the making of it , you know, the one that was nodding out and spoke only when spoken to ('cept she was never spoken to), ever wondered what she was up to? Yeah, me neither. Credited as Kai Benson the former model, once she got into Greateful Dead she wanted to be referred to as Shiva. She's the one that would go spinning while listening to music, according to some old Matt's comments. 30 years after the UYI tour she still hasn't fully recovered and is now a yoda/buddha/christian weirdo. I know a coupla chicks who did so much dope they would never shut up, and she found a way to get paid for it. Check her out speaking in tongues . here, https://www.kaishanti.com/ For mere 175 bucks you may schedule a zoom session with her (or if you're lucky she'll channel into her inner self and you'll be able to speak with that person too) and she'll tell ya what god is and why it is her, where Christ is and even how to heal your smelly belly. On a more serious note, she also plays pretty good music and sings very well there's a picture from their Norwegian wedding from the coke years https://www.famousfix.com/post/matt-and-kai-sorum-17786287/p5285903?view=large who knew? who cares? remember, GNR - not even once
  4. I bet a dollar Matt's daughter's gonna start a band tomorrow with Slash's son and Duff's daughter will be the opening act
  5. I'm kinda hopin you'll tell me what's up in a paragraph or two so I don't have to read 13 pages of comments or listen to another 28 minutes of Brando's rambling.
  6. imagine the hypocrisy. they offer their audience a seventy five bucks bong. seventy five bucks to put cheap ass weed or crack rocks in it. who's gonna buy that? Steven Adler?
  7. what is this even supposed to mean "Team Brazil tries to harrass guests who appeared on the show" ? what kind of an accusation is that? So Team Brazil harrasses Duff's wife, Dizzy, Fortus, Dizzy's wife, Frank? What is this crap
  8. baby at sixty? not a bad idea at all. once you're gone, your wife still takes just half of yo sh**t.
  9. di-di-di-dissin yo, know wha I'm sayin? just get down homie got gifted no nutn Adler huffin weed puffin homie came over to delivah dope true that or nope? yo guys be trippin like young Scottie Pippen selling souvenirs for stash homie got paid in cash sheep shoop sheep sheep shoop
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