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  1. Did all that actually leak or does someone just claim to have it? That’s a lot of mind blowing info right there.
  2. What’s Rumble? Is that an intro of sorts?
  3. Yeah. I hated it bad at first too. I couldn't accept that it sounded different to the rest. I guess time moves on and you realise it's the bands who never change that suck.
  4. I'd much rather more of this not give a fuck industrial stuff than bside love songs.
  5. Fuckin' love this song!!! What are the notable changes from Silkworms Chorus change- used to be 'what can I do with a bitch like you' Are the rest of the lyrics the same? Is this a complete re-recording or just the old version tinkered with a Slash solo, does anyone know? This should have been on CD. Definitely ahead of Rhiad.
  6. Absurd is the best GNR song since the 90's. Go Axl!
  7. Yeah it's just a shame we didn't get the industrial album 20 years ago, followed by the overproduced one. Record company's fault for rejecting it I guess. It would have been such a masterpiece of an album 20 years ago.
  8. Sounds pretty good to me. Should I stop there?
  9. Hey All, Sorry if there's already numerous topics on this one but forgive me, I'm old. Has there been any news or talk of Use Your Illusion, 30 year anniversary remastered versions coming this year?
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