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  1. I think if they market and advertised a live dvd, few months before release to create some buzz, it wouldnt be as bad. 😁
  2. Ahhh.. I get you, no worries. Cheers for clearing it up. ✌️
  3. Was it ever happening then, or merely rumour?
  4. Hi Guys n Gals. 😁.. Remove this if need be, but I remember seeing the rumours/stories of a live dvd/blu Ray from the NITL tour, was scheduled to be out late Nov, early Dec. Any further info on this? ✌️
  5. Met slash in Edinburgh after a SMK show. His bodyguard,/roadie said he will only be 5 mins as he has a cold, hmm. Got a photo, kinda, as there was no 1 on 1s allowed and autograph, but got feeling he wanted to go. Met Duff at his book signing in Glasgow, was super cool, down to earth, didnt mind talking, signing anything I had with me. Axl next.... Hopefully..... Soon. 😬😁
  6. No doubt... 😁... Been that quiet tho, not even a Xmas or HNY tweet... Ah well.
  7. Just me, or has axl been pretty quiet recently... No tweets... Im hoping it means he's busy concentrating on music.
  8. Have I given up? No... Has my interest waned lately? Yes... Partly frustration at constant missed opportunities by the band to release something, while they had the world's attention. Even an update on possible Album, dvd, single, e.p even at this point, but everything goes silent and you feel they miss their chance. Are they going to tour(hopefully) in 21 with nothing to promote, seems strange to do so, but wouldn't be surprising.
  9. Has anyone attempted or had a refund for this date yet? Surely if rescheduled its a straight year later. The green day/fall out boy/weezer gig already redone for date next year, why is everything so much hard work for Gnr, and updates are at a minimum for anything.... Losing my patience... 😁
  10. Didn't Axl in an interview say that Matt, basically saved the band, just prior to finishing the uyi albums. Maybe he feels lil betrayed also in all this, rightly or wrongly, id still prefer to see Matt on drums than Frank when/if resume the tour.
  11. Tbh, it's enough to make you give up on this"brand". Biggest guns, axl fan, but we are here in May, iv tickets for Glasgow, v.i.p....not a peep about that, or whole European tour, but can take time out to tweet political bullshit!!! How out of reality is this band, management, lead! This shit needs fixed, you aint in 91 anymore, earn your shit, like the fans have too!! And not just for now, going forward, you snooze.. You will loose.
  12. Oh,and matt sorum should be this tours drummer,frank is way out his depth,and will never be accepted,harsh but true
  13. Still miss weiland big time to this day.gilbys pawn shop.guitars,slash snakepit,cool....neurotic outsiders is a class album.
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