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  1. The new album is a UYI boxset next year with another SOYL style single. Move along
  2. The thing is, no-one is. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone that'll spend $3k on that, surely.
  3. Is anyone desperate to add to their collection? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Guns-N-Roses-Wolfmother-Concert-Flyer-LTD-ED-148-Of-Only-150-November-Rain/264571083195?hash=item3d99aa59bb:g:BiAAAOSwWl5d-jrA
  4. I've had no email about Glasgow postponement either BUT I did get my refund email earlier on today. I submitted the request on May 30th.
  5. I submitted a ticket though the link posted in the London thread a week or two ago, zero response. Not followed up yet, but maybe this one is being rescheduled and London cancelled for a different venue? not sure tbh...
  6. Not a very good impression is it. I like Axl's shriek as much as anyone but the Scraped intro sounds like toss.
  7. Maybe. I just think album or not Axl didn't seem ready to take on the task of fronting guns in the limelight again. It would have been great to see Bucket stick around for the 06 run but you can't blame him for leaving.
  8. I think 01/02 was good but it lacked the Axl we've come to know and love. Not even just vocals but the whole package. I'm not surprised 02 was cut short, he didn't seem ready.
  9. Maybe but the thread is about the culmination of everything, including the proshot (almost) full show, the mixing and sound etc. I think compared to RIR06 and Inland Invasion, RAR is a cut above for performance and equally importantly, mixing and sound quality.
  10. After looking back over the recent proshot footage (including remixes @SMG), I decided to have a bit of a proshot browse of older shows and man... How fucking good was the RAR06 show? Like; performance, sound, video, mixing etc. all spot on. I feel like we forever lament RIR's shitty mixing or Axl's off days but boy the stars did align for Rock am Ring 06. Even the set felt nice and lean, with no bloat or songs they just go through the motions on. To this day it's the only GNR proshot where I feel the whole show is just spot on and one I'd share and show mates to try and explain why
  11. no they didn't. And they usually do for ISE. Wonder when they'll run out of "low voice" songs to use. I suspect we're gonna get half a concert in total
  12. Similar boat. Had tickets for Glasgow for the simple fact that I was going with family for a summer trip. Seen NITL 5 times though and as each day passes i'm increasingly likely to take up any refund option. This shirt fiasco is embarrassing.
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