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  1. This is me rn too. Im glad that 2022 should provide more certainty around the world... However, as each year passes I'm reminded that Ax' ain't getting any younger...
  2. Yeah, can't see them happening. Each country in Europe is on its own path too, and I couldn't see it being worthwhile for GnR to come out here without the full tour getting the go ahead. Expect next summer imo.
  3. Summer 2022 feels realistic. Anything before is a bit of a pipe dream to be honest.
  4. I haven't seen most of the feedback on here from Exit 111 but I assume y'all thought it was as poor as I did. These selects have been a nice bonus but this one should just close them out. The only ones worth a damn after all this are the 2016 one for the performance and the download 18 one for the superior mixing and camera work. Lastly, I just don't understand some of the choices here. Surely the advantage to picking select tunes from different gigs is to pick the best performances. This scattershot approach has led to some dodgy performances being released, so if you ain't gonna pi
  5. The new album is a UYI boxset next year with another SOYL style single. Move along
  6. The thing is, no-one is. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone that'll spend $3k on that, surely.
  7. Is anyone desperate to add to their collection? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Guns-N-Roses-Wolfmother-Concert-Flyer-LTD-ED-148-Of-Only-150-November-Rain/264571083195?hash=item3d99aa59bb:g:BiAAAOSwWl5d-jrA
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