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  1. Just spotted these while browsing the UYI merch. Absurd | Guns N' Roses Hooded sweater | EMP Absurd | Guns N' Roses T-Shirt | EMP
  2. Also, let's not expect new tunes soon. GnR think Hard Skool will tide us all over until late 2022, apparently...
  3. I'm not sure. I know EMP is based in Germany and focuses on the European market so, probably not.
  4. I hope so. I've ordered the UYI2 shirt and the split cover hoodie, hopefully the quality is decent.
  5. EMP has us covered. All the stuff that ships mid-october looks to be anniversary merch, and it looks far better than this official store shite Alternative Fashion Online - Men's & Women's Clothing - EMP UK
  6. [Not to derail this thread but...] Sorry to hear that, but to blame GnR for public health concerns? What about the millions of vaccinated people who are looking for a mental health escape after nearly 2 years o this shite and have done their bit? Sure they could limit crowds to only vax'd (not sure how that works in the US, i'm in the UK), but it's the unvaccinated and uneducated that are to blame if anyone, not a band just tryna put on a tour.
  7. I show up for interesting discussion on the designs as each litho is revealed. I stay for the drama.
  8. Unique doesn't mean good but again, that is the greatness of art. Hope anyone who wants one can get their hands on it! Same here. The perspective throws you off, which can be neat, but imo once you figure out what is going on, it's still not great. Feels to me like different styles jumbled together on a page.
  9. yeah, this one ain't it. It's something about the perspective on Axl looking up that just looks, weird. Ah well, Buhler has to miss every once in a while, right?!
  10. Very plausible. Anyone completely shooting down a UYI set, especially given the timing and the single's font, is just willing a new album into reality. Let's see, it's interesting to say the least.
  11. Yes, so you meant "UYI anniversary isn't confirmed" not "No UYI anniversary is confirmed", big difference. This is GNR. An anniversary boxset bundled with an unrelated single is easily as realistic as a new album
  12. yeah, you can't use logic Axl probably picked the easiest song to sing live, and they probably have very little left from the UYI era.
  13. I assume people think because it's a CD leftover, rather than a remixed AFD era-tune that tied directly into a boxset release. I agree we should be sceptical though, the font and the timing really does make me think UYI boxset tbh...
  14. I hate that you're probably right. Weird they didn't use an actual UYI leftover (if there are any) but we're what, 6 weeks out from the anniversary? Makes sense then in a few years the actual album might drop.
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