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  1. Hell yea'! Cowbell in a Guns N' Roses version of a rap song. Haven't heard this song in a long time now - thanks for posting it.
  2. Foo Fighters ft. Axl, Slash and Duff - It's So Easy ...shit, Taylor is fantastic on drums.
  3. Sounds promising. Probably another solid album - and we know (in Slash's case) that soon is the word.
  4. "Fully Finished Studio Outtakes" with 50 unreleased songs is out (leaked) for few days now - not too hard to find. https://www.ajournalofmusicalthings.com/50-unreleased-rolling-stones-tracks-have-suddenly-appeared-online-why-and-how/
  5. Why haven't I seen this before?
  6. I've been listening a lot of bootlegs from 1986-1988 lately (haven't done that in a while)... he really was a huge part of their sound and attitude. Happy birthday Steve!
  7. Elon John - Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting (London, Royal Opera House, 2002)
  8. Slash ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators, live in Sydney 2012 Sound mix on this show is outstanding.
  9. My picks would be: 1988.12.07 - Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan 1987.10.08 - Hammersmith Odeon, London, England
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