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  1. Just saw it. One of the best this year. And yes, it's a film you should see on the big screen.
  2. Steve Jordan was/is a good fit. At least on youtube videos.
  3. 200 bucks on Hardskool, featuring Steven and Izzy!
  4. Sad, sad news... I've seen them live only once, but that was an outstadning experience (also, Mick Taylor was a guest). Charlie's Good Tonight…!
  5. I'm fixing my Sony Walkman, so there better be some cassettes on the way!
  6. Yeah baby! Adler and Axl were on fire. My favorite performance too!
  7. To lazy to find more info in this thread... are there more differences between "Absurd" and "Silkworms (2018-06-08 leak after 2013-12-09 excerpt, demo + Ron Thal guitar)" than guitars/bass parts and the mix?
  8. I really miss the "What can I do? With a bitch like you." part. Now let's hope for the official Guns N' Roses version of a rap song.
  9. "Charlie's good tonight." Hope we will see him soon.
  10. Hell yea'! Cowbell in a Guns N' Roses version of a rap song. Haven't heard this song in a long time now - thanks for posting it.
  11. Foo Fighters ft. Axl, Slash and Duff - It's So Easy ...shit, Taylor is fantastic on drums.
  12. Sounds promising. Probably another solid album - and we know (in Slash's case) that soon is the word.
  13. "Fully Finished Studio Outtakes" with 50 unreleased songs is out (leaked) for few days now - not too hard to find. https://www.ajournalofmusicalthings.com/50-unreleased-rolling-stones-tracks-have-suddenly-appeared-online-why-and-how/
  14. Why haven't I seen this before?
  15. I've been listening a lot of bootlegs from 1986-1988 lately (haven't done that in a while)... he really was a huge part of their sound and attitude. Happy birthday Steve!
  16. Elon John - Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting (London, Royal Opera House, 2002)
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