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  1. Decided to go to Hershey. I know a tour opening date is usually hit or miss, but looking forward to seeing what, if anything changes.
  2. It makes sense because they wanna play. There’s always a world where we don’t see these shows at all, back to the total silence years. I prefer today.
  3. I was at this show. After axl’s final killer scream, there was an almost 100% standing round of applause. Totally awesome moment.
  4. Same. This band’s fans have the weirdest relationship.
  5. I’m excited no matter what. The atmosphere is always tremendous, it’s always an excellent night out.
  6. The rarest I’ve ever heard was There Was A Time back in winter 2008 or 2009.
  7. Yeah it was quite a night. best GNR show I ever saw, then to be with the band after, even Axl for a minute, was quite surreal.
  8. Nah they just led us to the foundation room, and the party was there. Snuck back into DJ and Axl’s rooms during.
  9. The best ones I’ve seen since going to the first Hammerstein show in 2006... hammerstein night one, 2006 camden, nj, 2011 atlantic city, 2012 east Rutherford night 2, 2016 philly, 2017 (axl had some rough spots, especially TWAT, but the set list was so much fun.)
  10. This is what they do when the band doesn’t give them access. Totally see through bullshit. Then they praise the shit out of them when it benefits them.
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