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  1. Feeling optimistic today...I mean after all, didn’t Susan drop the news about the reunion before any official announcement?
  2. https://www.spreaker.com/episode/44287452 This episode originally aired on the Mike Durband Show. Thanks Mike, for allowing me to use it. Mike and I are both huge fans of the tremendous and controversial band, Guns N Roses, and we don't always agree on which songs we like and dislike. Similar to past episode reviews of Chinese Democracy and The Spaghetti Incident, Mike and I are going to take the two disc release of Use Your Illusion I and II and wittle it down to one excellent CD. Not only do we give our song choices, but this episode is also full of notes from GNR history, and per
  3. True I mean I’d love to make some plans to see them, but I certainly don’t trust it right now. Not without some official announcements.
  4. If anyone from management sees this, could we get a little news please? GNR fans are pretty patient (for the most part,) but there’s a lot of uncertainty around the bands, the live shows, and any new releases. It would be great PR to finally come out and confirm which shows are and aren’t happening, and what the progress is on any new release (which people are expecting to have to do with any new tour.) Im usually the patient fan, but this has been going on since COVID began, even more silence from a notoriously silent band. So what do you say? Throw us a bone for once.
  5. I always hear that, but I saw him three times in November 2011, and once in AC in February 2012, and he sounded great each time. No stammers or weakness etc. AC was the best show I’ve ever seen.
  6. Just once I’d like to come on this board and see any official news about new music. and I’m not usually one to bitch.
  7. But will he still teach Sebastian Bach how to properly please a woman? Haha...
  8. Tough to answer, but off the top of my head, Better, Rocket Queen, TWAT, Don’t Damn Me...
  9. Where can I watch this friggin thing? The eps listed as being on tonight have Chris Paul, and I don’t see it on demand.
  10. Long story short, yeah. I’m at the point where I’m finally expecting absolutely nothing. I’d still hit the live shows though.
  11. Man, this band did kick ass, and play what people wanted to hear at that time.
  12. I want to hear Rocket Queen and Estranged no matter what. They should never ever be removed.
  13. I sort of have. I think it just is what it is at this point. I’d still see them live, but I’m not hoping for anything else beyond that.
  14. Somehow wandered into the after party in Atlantic City in early 2012. Didn’t technically “meet” Axl, as I didn’t wanna bother the guy, but I was in his room, listening as he told stories. He got a little frustrated when the venue shut the music off in the room, and left suddenly.
  15. Cool, thanks very much for checking it out, and possibly checking other eps out. It started as mostly wrestling, but I tried to branch out more last year. Unfortunately the CC show has taken a backseat to two other shows I do, with Konnan and Raven of WCW and ECW fame. But it’s always there when I wanna go back to it.
  16. Thanks very much! Yeah some of the opinions were difficult to swallow, but it was still fun to hear the differing opinions.
  17. If anyone is so inclined, please feel free to check out this episode of my podcast, where it’s myself (hardcore fan,) another semi hardcore fan, and a fan of strictly the Appetite stuff, as we go over CD track by track, and throw little bits of knowledge and stories out there as we go. https://www.spreaker.com/episode/42154969
  18. You’d think it would be easy as hell to add Slash and Duff to Hard School and Atlas, but, apparently not!
  19. I was really disappointed by the return of Slash and Duff because I wanted to hear what the Bumble/Ashba/Stinson/Fortus/Dizzy crew were gonna whip together with Axl. Also, I’d rather have Frank Ferrer as drummer, ahead of Sorum or Adler. and finally, 2011-2012 was my favorite time to be a fan so far (saw them four times, and got to hang with the band after the 2012 show in AC.)
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