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  1. I used to take a break during DTJ, but became a massive fan at my two recent shows. I could’ve sworn I heard “embarrassing” in there.
  2. Guys this was an AMAZING show. I went in with low expectations after being in Hershey. This ranks up there with the best I’ve seen, plus, I’ve never seen Axl as energetic and into it as he was last night.
  3. Is Mammoth back or is there still no opener ?
  4. Same as stated above, if there’s any kind of organized gathering before, at a bar in the casino or something, please list it here
  5. Are they back to opening the shows, and will they be in Atlantic City?
  6. You saw You’re Crazy and Dead Horse in 2016? Wow! Where at?
  7. Same as Hershey. I was mortified by some of the vocals, but it was still a blast. Wish we would’ve gotten Absurd though!
  8. With maybe pretty tied up, you’re crazy, and think about you added, with some of the Chinese songs sprinkled throughout of their feel like it. Who’s in line already? Headed there now.
  9. I doubt 25% of the stadium even knows or cares who Steven and Izzy specifically are.
  10. Where’s the pre party this time, anywhere special? I remember the place I was at last time had a “welcome GNR fans” banner.
  11. I’d rather stay and have a great time, watching my favorite band play, which is a privilege we all never knew we’d have again. Yes, because that’s totally a reason to hope for eternal damnation, lol. My god…
  12. Dead Horse and You’re Crazy would be nice. But I’m down for whatever they wanna play. Pretty Tied Up would be cool as well.
  13. Decided to go to Hershey. I know a tour opening date is usually hit or miss, but looking forward to seeing what, if anything changes.
  14. It makes sense because they wanna play. There’s always a world where we don’t see these shows at all, back to the total silence years. I prefer today.
  15. I was at this show. After axl’s final killer scream, there was an almost 100% standing round of applause. Totally awesome moment.
  16. Same. This band’s fans have the weirdest relationship.
  17. I’m excited no matter what. The atmosphere is always tremendous, it’s always an excellent night out.
  18. The rarest I’ve ever heard was There Was A Time back in winter 2008 or 2009.
  19. Yeah it was quite a night. best GNR show I ever saw, then to be with the band after, even Axl for a minute, was quite surreal.
  20. Nah they just led us to the foundation room, and the party was there. Snuck back into DJ and Axl’s rooms during.
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