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  1. Check this out! He's such a cool dude -- great player. Honestly him and Fortus could have made for a cool band... three guitarists is lol. You would think a guy like Axl could just sit with him, Fink with his acoustic like in that video, and they could hash out some stuff! Too bad they couldn't get out of their own way. Like Axl could have sang some menacing shit over this exact riff... boom we got one song down: Clean riff a minute later... an intro for song two. CD2 starts now!!!!!!
  2. The idea that the NITL 3-union allowed them to keep AFD5 in the chamber only works if Axl's voice isn't completely shot. Is it going to move back towards the 2016 highlights or toward the Iceland soundboard? Even Izzy can't do shit in the House of Mouse.
  3. I'm not saying it would have sold more tickets. I'm saying for the band legacy, for the quality of the recordings and shows for future posterity and releases, for capitalizing on what is critically and historically acknowledged as a far superior musical outfit which has barely any material available to view from their heyday, which made that album that you say is the only one people care about -- 2016 seems like it was the last time to do it. It would have been worth the cost to Axl Slash and Duff to eat that higher costs for one leg of a tour. The idea that it was risky and could h
  4. 2016 shoulda been AFD5, no substitutes. The voice was there, the money was there, the demand was there. This interminable NITL version with the "Big Three" coulda started w/ the second leg. Bah.
  5. I think there was an issue with withholding of payments etc., having to constantly fight for what he was owed, which probably lead Izzy to want out as well.
  6. I think Myles is really well-versed in theory, which may be more what they were alluding to.
  7. Rock or Bust was a pretty rad AC/DC album in a lot of ways. Gives me hope that a 60 year old Axl isn’t an instant deal-breaker.... Yeah... Contraband showed how to capitalize on the real pent up “GNR” demand. The build up and success that summer of that album, in retrospect... I mean the business was already in heavy decline and yet... massive pre-release buzz, late night circuit, kids in my school who weren’t rock people were talking about it, three videos in rotation, huge radio play, Grammy win. CD was like a note being slipped under the door, in comparison.
  8. Yeah for sure there was no alternate timeline where Axl wasn't gonna do what ended up being the CD route. I'm sure '95 felt like the world was limitless with opportunity to branch out. Although Slash did say Axl came around eventually on at least some of the songs but it was too late.
  9. Was there much talk about Snakepit? Honestly looking at how GNR has turned out in 2020... if Axl had just sung on those fucking songs... it would have been SO GOOD. If I close my eyes I can hear Axl on Doin' Fine... and I'm rock... hard. Dime Store Rock was made for snake-dancing.
  10. we gotta band together and do a pilgrimage to Izzy’s avocado farm. we need resolution
  11. the happy birthdays are the key to all of this
  12. I dunno if people should throw Duff to the wolves, haha. I still figure it's pretty simple: Izzy wanted an equal business slice, Axl (and Slash and Duff to whatever degree, who knows) think that is insane and unfair, Izzy wasn't interested in being a hired hand and once Team Brazil gets out the excel spreadsheets and stuff he immediately starts tuning out, Duff thinks that sucks and was probably sick of him being difficult... here we are. Moneyyyyy. Granted I think GNR without Izzy is a shadow of its true self and think Izzy deserves equality and then some... I don't thi
  13. Why would you say they didn't want Matt or Steven? If Axl said it's a non-starter, NITL is going to reflect the business partnership that currently exists and I'm going to hire the vacant positions aka keep my guys... that just means Slash and Duff didn't think it was worth scuttling the whole prospect over. Doesn't mean they like Frank much or wouldn't prefer to choose their own guy in a best case scenario. Good bands aren't just plug and play individual components. I bet they cared a lot! Not surprised Duff wasn't going to issue a Matt ultimatum, though. I mean think about ho
  14. Should track down the 5.1 from the AFD Super Deluxe if you haven’t.... I bet it’s better than whatever the Q-sound thing ended up being. Hopefully UYI gets a similar anniversary treatment.
  15. she's a 1989 Chrysler Lebaron... the previous owner was Axel Rosé
  16. How could you take BH's Nightrain solo over the monstrous original outro? feel like I'm takin crazy pills matter of fact how could you take any solo over that outro.... I'll fight you... hold me back!!
  17. I could see the argument about songs and how they utilized the riffs... but not the riffs themselves ... between the six SMKC/VR records? Bad take. I mean, I like Snakepit the best of his solo stuff, too, but... if the argument is he doesn't have the creative capacity anymore, it's just not gonna fly. He's best with co-writers sure, that's what people want out of this thing, but as Free Bird said, his primary skill is intact for a new GNR album.
  18. Even if you don’t like how SMKC albums turn out... The riffs are potent! Also I tend to think Slash isn't stupid when it comes to knowing when he's gotten hold of something potentially special. He knew Fall To Pieces as a riff had crossover appeal and squirreled it away-- I think his "GNR folder" is conscious of a certain quality or potential stadium-sized considerations. He has a musical ego and a stake in the GNR legacy. I imagine his worst-case scenario is using them down the line in SMKC, if nothing materializes with respect to Guns... I think he's probably sitting on some coo
  19. D's aside... The 5.1 mix is pretty damn cool if you have access to a setup.
  20. The best thing about the AFD reissue was the 5.1 mix where you can hear Izzy rocking falsetto in random places. The best.
  21. I don't know if anything was... people earlier in the thread were saying it was obvious to them that it was. Doesn't seem obvious to me -- remixing nowadays can be pretty dramatic in terms of modernizing recordings. I was just listening to the 2019 remix of Whitesnake's Slide It In -- was recorded almost 40 years ago and sounds very new. My point was it would be weird for them to recorded it in 2018 and not say so -- you would think they'd want to get the credit for doing so and proving they can record quality stuff in the NITL configuration.
  22. Why wouldn't they be forthcoming about re-recording SOYL? It sounds excellent and likely much better than many people think NITL-era GNR is capable of -- you'd think they'd want to get credit.
  23. If CD was their sole release GNR would be a Soundcloud band. I hope Slash and Duff can pummel this song into fighting shape.
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