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  1. i could see him being a nunchucks guy or nunchaku, he would say
  3. this is a hot take. like a nice stack of pancakes serve it uppp but also anytime I don't can't connect w/ an artist an someone mentions time signatures... I become a hedgehog. I just quill up. Don't f'n GO THERE! RAHHH If you google "Tool F" it'll autocomplete to "Tool Fibonacci sequence"... makes me want to punch my nuts.
  4. AFD5 is the only way. Just go out with class. The idea of a Fortus / Melissa / Frank GNR album with a 60 y.o. Axl is just.... how could it possibly be good! I mean if they wanted to do it, if they had something to say, I'd reserve judgement, but... I think Axl/DC might have been Axl's way of settling his legacy with himself. With GNR it feels like Axl just likes to be the boss of a pleasant, benign corporation. They may as a well be selling rotisserie chickens. I just want Slash to crank out as much guitar in the next 10 years as possible, before the 80's start to catch up wi
  5. "when you play the game... you're actually hearing the actual songs" i dont want to like this band anymoreeeee someone hold me
  6. They went out on a good note with A Different Kind of Truth. Definitely a highlight among late career rock albums. Shows the wisdom of digging out cut ideas from one's golden era for a revisit.
  7. Yeah man. how a guitarist approaches the Izzy Nightrain solo will tell you all you need to know about them
  8. Oh no way! I didn’t know that. That’s really cool to hear. Honestly I just assumed Slash tracked the rhythms. If that’s the case I wish he’d talk more about his creative process. hey frank 👋
  9. Sidoris might not have creative freedom but he's definitely learned how to differentiate from Slash the most tastefully. Fortus on some visceral level just does not want to be a rhythm guitarist.
  10. it's the worst when you're on Spotify and a B or C tier musician has the rerecorded "2015 version" of a hit single from 35 years ago for that sort of reason
  11. from my point of view the jedi are evil
  12. Yeah I just thought maybe Axl was thinking long-term! If they felt comfortable with the older tunes from 85/86 and were piecing together a track list — suddenly YCBM materializes late in the game — Axl’s grand plan machinations might have engaged to some degree. Keep one in the chamber. Is that totally crazy??
  13. Wow yeah I didn't even consider that. '89 was like serious GNR mania... releasing a song like YCBM along with and in contrast to Patience -- capitalize on the delayed explosion of AFD's popularity -- that's a cool what if! Even thinking about an '89 version of UYI is fun to think about :).
  14. From a commercial prospective it makes sense they held back the song -- UYI needed it. I wonder if that was an explicit part of the consideration (especially since Slash said he thought it would have been better on AFD). Is the interest for this demo not only a completionism impulse but also an acknowledgement that YCBM in it's released form is too glossy? Too polished? Also, I can't quite figure out from that quote if the demo actually has vocals from Axl: were they singing along with him or singing where he would be? Either way -- IMAGINE IF AFD HAD YCBM... for some reason
  15. NR is what a Trump branded music video would be flashy, stupid brash big production, models, kind of faux-artsy, long and ostentatious but utterly incoherent
  16. GNR finally has audible rhythm guitar next to Slash and we’re like oh yikes... shit... actually... yeah let’s roll that puppy back...and put a shirt on. Duff on guitar?? NITL needs less guitar and more groove! “The three guitar sound”?? So you’d have Duff laying down the rhythm guitar, Slash doing his thing and Fortus just adding maximum ham 🍖, endless shred lines and guitarmonies. If the sound is thin it's because they’re not grooving playing at 100mph and Axl isn’t occupying enough space vocally.
  17. i’d take a GNR song about bbq’s with a nasty Slash riff. malibu barbie we got a mountaintop party grillin to the bone cause we gotta stay home!! 🥩 tsssssss... awoahh guit-tar!
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