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    On 10/26/2020 at 6:11 AM, soon said:

    My hot take on Tool is that they have taken a style of music to its most sophisticated and advanced degree and for that they are rightly celebrated. The issue for me is that I personally experience that style to be a bit childish. I mean no offense. Just for me dropped d riffs, brooding personas, using uncommon words to be mysterious, magic and associated imagery is a bit 'high school.' Again, I mean no offense - I would call Appetite childish as well and I love it and I love Guns.

    Another example would be that Star Wars, at its core, is for kids. And I love Star Wars. And I love the adult fandom of Star Wars. And someone I know is really good at D&D and its like 'good for you, mastering that childhood love. And bringing adulthood to your fandom.'

    Just for me, Tool isnt one of those childhood things that I can carry with me into adulthood. Id even sell those toys.

    this is a hot take. like a nice stack of pancakes

    serve it uppp


    but also anytime I don't can't connect w/ an artist an someone mentions time signatures... I become a hedgehog. I just quill up. Don't f'n GO THERE! RAHHH 

    If you google "Tool F" it'll autocomplete to "Tool Fibonacci sequence"... makes me want to punch my nuts. 


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  2. AFD5 is the only way. Just go out with class.

    The idea of a Fortus / Melissa / Frank GNR album with a 60 y.o. Axl is just.... how could it possibly be good! I mean if they wanted to do it, if they had something to say, I'd reserve judgement, but... I think Axl/DC might have been Axl's way of settling his legacy with himself. 


    With GNR it feels like Axl just likes to be the boss of a pleasant, benign corporation. They may as a well be selling rotisserie chickens. I just want Slash to crank out as much guitar in the next 10 years as possible, before the 80's start to catch up with him -- whatever the venue, whatever the band. 


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  3. 30 minutes ago, MaskingApathy said:

    Slash did the rhythms for WOF, Myles did them for Apocalyptic Love. I'm sure he showed Frank stuff as suggestions but he didn't tell him note for note what to play. At the same time, if you watch the live videos Frank stays true to the original parts on the GnR, VR, Snakepit stuff along with the SMKC stuff that he didn't record on. The reason for that is that he realizes it's not his place to start improvising and trying to play leads where they don't belong/are going over Slash's parts and just showboating in general (unlike 4tus).

    In that band there's none of this "I need to insert my own style/personality and make the songs my own" ego when playing the older material; they bring their own character and make it their own just by playing those songs and doing it well. That's one thing I really like about SMKC which irritates me about 4tus and Frank Ferrer.

    Yeah man.

    how a guitarist approaches the Izzy Nightrain solo will tell you all you need to know about them

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  4. 1 hour ago, MaskingApathy said:


    Sidoris has creative freedom; he came up with all his parts on LTD. Slash didn't dictate to him what to play for each song.

    Oh no way! I didn’t know that. That’s really cool to hear.

    Honestly I just assumed Slash tracked the rhythms. If that’s the case I wish he’d talk more about his creative process.

    hey frank 👋 


  5. 2 hours ago, Sosso said:

    Of course, Slash wouldn't allow any other guitar player to me more than just the second fiddle. However, I would say that Fortus enjoys more creative freedom than any other guitarist who has worked with Slash during the last two decades. 

    Sidoris might not have creative freedom but he's definitely learned how to differentiate from Slash the most tastefully.

    Fortus on some visceral level just does not want to be a rhythm guitarist. 

  6. On 9/20/2020 at 7:39 AM, BigVanVader said:

    I thought the re-recording of AFD material had more to do with being able to license those tracks for use in movies, TV ,etc - and not the originals (which would require payment to Slash/Duff).

    I'd still love to hear it.

    it's the worst when you're on Spotify and a B or C tier musician has the rerecorded "2015 version" of a hit single from 35 years ago for that sort of reason 

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  7. On 8/31/2020 at 7:45 AM, NeonKinight said:

    "Recent media reports that Slash is claiming that he has always been supportive of Axl Rose and the new Guns N’ Roses. Slash’s actions in recent years have in fact been anything but supportive."

    from my point of view the jedi are evil



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  8. 1 hour ago, StrangerInThisTown said:

    How would they have considered that, unless they had a crystal ball in 1987? UYI wasn't even thought of yet, and they haven't even released Lies then.


    Yeah I just thought maybe Axl was thinking long-term! If they felt comfortable with the older tunes from 85/86 and were piecing together a track list — suddenly YCBM materializes late in the game — Axl’s grand plan machinations might have engaged to some degree. Keep one in the chamber. Is that totally crazy??

  9. 13 minutes ago, YouCouldBeMine_2029 said:

    on ''Lies'' is also an Interesting throught.

    Wow yeah I didn't even consider that.

    '89 was like serious GNR mania... releasing a song like YCBM along with and in contrast to Patience -- capitalize on the delayed explosion of AFD's popularity -- that's a cool what if! Even thinking about an '89 version of UYI is fun to think about :). 

  10. 12 hours ago, soon said:

    I believe it’s established as fact that with all the noise violation fines for going late it it the night, union fines for making workers stay late, lawsuits, lavish theme parties, horn section and background singers, etc made it so the band barely made anything.

    Iirc the skin and bones tour, in part, served as a way of finally getting into profit mode.

    And then the million dollar videos too.

    I think both Duff and Slash have discussed this. 


    are you saying the horn section was optional

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  11. From a commercial prospective it makes sense they held back the song -- UYI needed it. I wonder if that was an explicit part of the consideration (especially since Slash said he thought it would have been better on AFD).

    Is the interest for this demo not only a completionism impulse but also an acknowledgement that YCBM in it's released form is too glossy? Too polished? Also, I can't quite figure out from that quote if the demo actually has vocals from Axl: were they singing along with him or singing where he would be? 


    Either way -- IMAGINE IF AFD HAD YCBM... for some reason the mind reels. An amazing classic song slotted into an already stacked album. Would it have been seen as single worthy amid the other classics? Or would it have become more like Out Ta Get Me and ISE? I wonder where it would have been in the track listing -- would AFD physically have been able to fit 13 songs? Or would it need to replace one?

    If they had to replace one, I think it would have been:

    10. YCBM

    11. YC

    12. RC

    Reset the menace levels after SCOM. Give the last leg that gas boost to drive it home. 


    10. YC

    11. YCBM

    12. RC

    With YCBM as the sinister finale and RC as the sexy epilogue. 

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  12. 17 minutes ago, Ralphelmo said:

    Isn't Fortus using a Tubescreamer or something like that? His guitar is way too loud in the mix.

    GNR finally has audible rhythm guitar next to Slash and we’re like oh yikes... shit... actually... yeah let’s roll that puppy back...and put a shirt on.


    Duff on guitar?? NITL needs less guitar and more groove! “The three guitar sound”?? So you’d have Duff laying down the rhythm guitar, Slash doing his thing and Fortus just adding maximum ham 🍖, endless shred lines and guitarmonies.

    If the sound is thin it's because they’re not grooving playing at 100mph and Axl isn’t occupying enough space vocally. 

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