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  1. Slash likes salt and vinegar chips! Already worth the listen.
  2. Nightrain is the ultimate opener. ISE is cool, but for a band at this stage of the game, open it with an epic punch in the face. I mean the train horn and that A power chord.... way better than the endless jungle intro for pumping you up! Also, move Paradise City into the main set. I know they won’t, but closing with Rocket Queen would be cool.... since it’s the epic finale of AFD. It might give Paradise a new lease on life and feel less obligated. You don’t enjoy it the same when there’s confetti everywhere and you’re thinking about getting to your car.
  3. That blues spot he did like a month ago shows he’s still got it all at his disposal.
  4. NITL is dead! Long live NITL! so many dates have tried, to say the tour has dieee-ee—ied, but baby it ain’t over till it’s ohhhh-ver
  5. I like your changes. The worst part of the OG is the Tour 2019, and that font suits the band name way better.
  6. Is this a thing? I think we’ve reached peak insanity as a community
  7. Forget the tone, his point was improvising more within the melodic ideas of the original songs. TMAC your posts always have a “I just did a few rails” vibe. Maybe it’s the emojis . /nightrain whistle
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