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  1. That's a pretty dinky little house for 1.5 mill! Jeez. I wonder if it comes with some bass picks.
  2. I’m doin all the things! *sigh*... listen, DJ, you’re a good kid....
  3. Maybe we should start crowd sourcing this album. let’s start working on a chorus
  4. I think there are a couple online GNR communities that are a lot more “cheerleading” oriented that they could easily engage in dialogue with, if they wanted. The information void sort of invites negative appraisals, given the history.
  5. Can anyone fill me in on what he said about recording with Snakepit? What about it was contentious or whatever?
  6. Smelly nervous young Slash — that’s our guy! ❤️ Kick rocks, Sorum.
  7. Gaze into the future when the sun has set on our favorite rockers and the posthumous Fernando era begins.
  8. Charlie we’re almost done! just do one more QC pass on Scraped. ... I... I can’t do it... don’t make me... I don’t... it’s been eight years... my family...
  9. I love that tambourine goat. Didn't notice before that Axl tells him to get in the ring!
  10. Nah I mean you’re totally right. It’s not even up for debate, at this point. Anyone who defends that kind of needless ungraciousness is a masochist fan who just loves this band a little too much. But there is no changing it. So my thinking was you can rage or just kinda stand back and shrug. And not get carried away in thinking he has the ability to really shift the course of this band, it’s content or media strategy in any substantive way relative to Axl. The proof of which is in all the stuff he says not coming true or being vague / contradictory. It’s not lies, it’s just fluf
  11. As ridiculous as he comes off, I don't think he really has control over much of anything except the embarrassing merch. It's probably not worth being mad over. He has his position because he just does what Axl wants and is so financially and socially dependent on him, he won't fuck Axl over like a lot of managers of yesteryear (from his perspective). If Axl wanted videos, they'd be out. If he wanted a live CD, we'd have it. If a UYI box set comes out, it'll be from a label push and band agreement. And if Axl wanted us to know about any of it in advance, Fernando would oblige
  12. Honestly. Just say "Hey we weren't happy the leaks occurred and we're looking towards the future, thank you" or "We understand leaks occurred but won't be commenting on them, thanks." The Lebeis school of management doesn't have a PR class.
  13. You puttin' the breaks on that puppy? I hope you know what you're doin'. BOWAAAAAOOOOOOH! *TICK TICK TICK TICK*
  14. Nightrain should be the opener. Live Era is whatever but... that's a highlight.
  15. It’s weird, too, since Axl has seemed to want to give his hired guys opportunities to show their chops, has never seemed to be interested in maintaining any kind of AFD lineup “purity” and he still doesn’t seem to like Adler much at all. Maybe it was dictated by the label for marketing as you touched on; would they have that kind of control?
  16. Was Slash not aware of how much Axl tinkered with it vocally? or is he mainly referring to raw instrumentation
  17. he’s in with Ringo now the sixth Beatle
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