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  1. I want the UYI box to have a wrist watch. Bicycle shorts. A boa scarf. A boa constrictor. A gun. and like a cool litho
  2. Confusion for sure. Pain for sure. There's never a choice.
  3. I hoped she'd never leave me Please God you must believe me I've searched the universe And found myself Within' her eyes That is the vomit emoji in words. Sounds like a Disney song or some nice-guy stroking a lock of hair. Shake it off, Ax.
  4. What about L7! Prolly couldn't walk afterwards.
  5. Is that literally the moment Axl decided to fire Gilby? he just had to mess w/ the levels
  6. And instead of a whistling intro it's like the fucking Terminator soundtrack for 20 seconds. Weird
  7. ♫ Now we're old and grey, Fernando And since many years we haven't seen an album in your hands Can you hear Frank's drum tracks, Fernando Do you still recall that frightful coat in Rio, damn I can see it in your eyesssss How proud you are to BS for your Bossman ♫ There was something in the air that night....
  8. Imagine getting gay-bashed by a crew of dudes in heels.
  9. You miss 100% of the blowjobs you don't ask for.
  10. Was the Robert John stuff the same as the "Perfect Crime Doc"? Totally seperate? Or like footage of his would be incorporated into a larger body of footage from other filmers / photographers?
  11. I think being assaulted before you figure yourself out sexually can cause a lot of internal sexual confusion, if that's what 31illusions means. Don't think there's any evidence it causes orientation to change, though. Doubt it made him want to bone Chris Jericho 30 years later. Look at his keyboardist and guitarist -- they want him, too. Wrestler, bassist, bodybuilder, scarf-wearer. He's a renaissance man.
  12. Cantor, Ford, Stradlin ya boys, Axl! mend those wounds
  13. We don't need society's labels. Let's groove tonight.
  14. Awesome vocal! the instrumentation is a little bland RIP! <3
  15. Nightrain is like a fucking journey. You could live in that song. The opening A chord just fucking sets the stage... The Nightrain has arrived. You set the scene, you strut down sunset with your snakeskin boots for a verse, you hop in the car and cruise for another... and then it's just
  16. This guy has some amazing drumming videos... Motley, QOTSA, Blink, Foo. The only video of his without a backing track due to copyright: GNR.... rock n' roll. That's how you court the next generation of fans! (still rocks, though, so f you).
  17. Yeah, that’s the thing. Slash had a Guns album in ‘94... was likely close to another in ‘96... and now another in 2020. That’s what he does. The only thing standing in the way of a new GNR album... Axl’s voice Axl’s vocal melodies Axl’s lyrics Axl’s interest / inspiration / creative state / work ethic / drive
  18. But what about this box of... Pitman sub bass melod--- THROW IT AWAY! "Jamming with Axl" I want to know that someday Axl and Slash will play guitars together again. How could that not result in a cool song?
  19. guys there's no way that was intentional this is like the f'n face on mars
  20. AFD is so crisp... really the remaster didn't do much to my ears because it was already solid as a rock. The 5.1 mix, however, takes that crispness and literally puts you in the room with them. It's a religious experience. With the UYI's as they are, there just isn't the distinctness to each player / instrument. I get that a song like November Rain probably wouldn't have been the larger than life thing it was without it's sort of "blockbuster album" production.... but it sucks it had to be a one size fits all kind of thing for the rockin' songs. I just think a song like
  21. A lot of negative commentary about TSI is that it was "lazy" what does that even mean?
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