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  1. would they really release 21 songs w/ alt mixing could we really get it i don’t want to get hurt
  2. Damn I didn't realize... haha, that clip I posted had been up for like 4 years. You can do it yourself in Audacity... some songs sound really cool (Nightrain especially). It's really fascinating how much of a shift in mood a key change can provide. Whenever I see that youtube takedown pic on this forum I just picture: Hard at work! /salute . They might have let you drink their piss after a show in the 80's, if they knew what an ally you would become.
  3. His pacemaker went off about 4 times a song when he played w/ Michael Jackson in 2001, apparently! It wasn't calibrated right -- pretty nuts. You'd never know 'cause he was business as usual playing. I like how he had to play Black or White at that show; I remember reading in an interview he thought the main riff to that song was "gay," and that he only did the pre-song guitar jam.... Fast forward he's rockin this "gay" riff live w/ a fishnet shirt on. Anyhow... haha
  4. Canned spaghetti has an appeal of its own; you should view it as a totally different food than regular. I haven’t had it in like two decades, but it’s good... in a very specific way. And it’s also trash.
  5. This is like the sleeper thread right now. Very innocuous title, yet the harbinger of hopefully great things to come!
  6. I used to think he sounded cheesy... but now I don't.... at all, haha. Not sure what changed. All the songs have grown on me. I'll take some overwrought soulful belting over middling sunset strip cliches, if we have to choose . If you wanna get Slash to stop noodling we need someone to turn to him and start belting it out into his face like Rod, haha. Then Slash will do the crouch and start foot stomping... you know what I'm talkin about!
  7. Yeah it’s got this weird reputation, don’t you think? The critical reception wasn’t even that poor, Rolling Stone liked it, ALLMUSIC gives it 2/5 and then the actual text of the review is basically all praise.... negativity was mostly around Look At Your Game Girl, SIDHY is kind of unconventional and the fact that it didn’t sell like gangbusters... but why would it have? It was kinda just more UYI, which by that point, pop culture wise, was pretty exhausted. I feel like people just kinda say it sucks because that’s what some people decided, haha. I had it in my head it wasn’t good b
  8. Runnin' Down a Dream into aggressive beginner Guitar Center riff. Prolly not the basis for a song.
  9. That kind of anecdote is why I don't think Slash really cares about money past a certain point... I bet he was having a blast. It's why I don't think his tenure in GNR is guaranteed if nothing new happens. People always talk about that divorce... what does Slash spend money on?? Dinosaur toys and pinball machines? He lives out of a suitcase and gets everything for free.
  10. Ain't Life Grand rocks. Why does it sound so different than everything else he's done? I want to say it sounds "blacker" but I don't even know what that means. But doesn't it? And I don't just mean Rod Jackson... or maybe I do... does Slash really just adapt to his vocalist that strongly? I don't think so... he seems to come up with his ideas in isolation. But something like Shine... or Mean Bone, Just Like Anything...The Truth.... like, they just have this... not R&B, but... some kinda vibe... does anyone know what I'm talking about?? Somehow it musically seems to ind
  11. Any of the cutting room floor stuff from TSI would be cool for this set, too! Not sure if anyone mentioned it. (since a lot of them were destined for UYI originally; I doubt it'll ever get a second look on its own) Also basically, more Izzy. Izzy TSI tracks? Bring up Izzy levels on every song.... yeah Do the 5.1 thing again -- that was brilliant. Some kind of dry mix, alt mix.... remix thing. Not just a more compressed remaster. Remaster them true to the original sound but then do a seperate disc without the sheen and all those effects... just bare-
  12. I can’t really trust you as a source given your fanatical Michael Jackson takes.
  13. Is it common knowledge that GNR recorded Hanoi Rocks’ "A Beer and a Cigarette” and the Stooges' “Down on the Street” for the Spaghetti Incident but they were never released? I had no idea! I wonder if that’s the kinda thing they could squeeze into the UYI box. Everyone is always talking about Ain’t Goin Down... f that... those two tracks sound way more interesting.
  14. We're so starved for material as GNR fans, we've decided to re-litigate the Michael Jackson trials. Prosecution, you may call your first witness.
  15. Okay fine so low is easy? HOW LOW CAN WE GO, BABY --- C-tuning! Sludge N' Roses!
  16. I just wanna hear them try D tuning. Listen to Nightrain in D it's fuckin' cool.... little more menacing.... little more world weary -- it suits an Axl that kinda stalks around instead of sprints around...
  17. I think it's worth stating Axl might have underlying health issues that impact his ability to "go for it." Doesn't mean he doesn't sound pretty terrible post-2016, I can't even listen to this recent release, but I think it's a step too far to say he doesn't care. Duff said he does hours of pre-show vocal work, for example. It also doesn't mean they shouldn't have a good hard look at mixing things up to make them more compatible with 2020 Axl. But we shouldn't assume the worst of his work ethic. Remember that whole cane thing... and I mean who knows what meds he's on... IF he's
  18. With London it would have been in the early 2000’s when that second wave of accusations came... Michael dancing on cars at the courthouse and all that jazz.... Chris Rock : We love Michael so much, we let the first kid slide. I'm fuckin done! What the fuck? Another kid? Another... That's like another dead white woman showing up at O.J.'s house, and O.J. going "I know what you're thinking..." Michael Jackson going to jail. Oh, it's going to be a sad sight when Michael Jackson's going to jail. Oh, we going to shed a tear when Michael Jackson going to jail. We're not going to be sad the day
  19. the mixing team and fernando were just looking at their west coast g funk spotify playlists for inspo
  20. Props for the release. Super flat, though. Bummer. Not sure if it's performance energy or the mix... not sure how you can watch something like this more than once. No chemistry, no energy, crowd is snoozing.... watching this just stresses me out -- nobody is having fun! Back to the 90's we gooooo *whoosh*
  21. Drums are one of the VR highlights -- lotta cool stuff going on. Man they need to remaster Contraband, speaking of. It's been almost two decades... (WAIT WHAT?).... that brick-walled sound is just brutal. Everything is getting remastered nowadays... TOSS IT ON THE PILE.
  22. It's easy to see how it could have been a conciliatory... "Oh man he's not you, of course..." kinda fluff statement. Which Matt took completely literally and put in a book. Doesn't seem like these guys have really deep conversations... all seems very high-school.
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