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  1. How could you take BH's Nightrain solo over the monstrous original outro? feel like I'm takin crazy pills matter of fact how could you take any solo over that outro.... I'll fight you... hold me back!!
  2. I could see the argument about songs and how they utilized the riffs... but not the riffs themselves ... between the six SMKC/VR records? Bad take. I mean, I like Snakepit the best of his solo stuff, too, but... if the argument is he doesn't have the creative capacity anymore, it's just not gonna fly. He's best with co-writers sure, that's what people want out of this thing, but as Free Bird said, his primary skill is intact for a new GNR album.
  3. Even if you don’t like how SMKC albums turn out... The riffs are potent! Also I tend to think Slash isn't stupid when it comes to knowing when he's gotten hold of something potentially special. He knew Fall To Pieces as a riff had crossover appeal and squirreled it away-- I think his "GNR folder" is conscious of a certain quality or potential stadium-sized considerations. He has a musical ego and a stake in the GNR legacy. I imagine his worst-case scenario is using them down the line in SMKC, if nothing materializes with respect to Guns... I think he's probably sitting on some coo
  4. D's aside... The 5.1 mix is pretty damn cool if you have access to a setup.
  5. The best thing about the AFD reissue was the 5.1 mix where you can hear Izzy rocking falsetto in random places. The best.
  6. I don't know if anything was... people earlier in the thread were saying it was obvious to them that it was. Doesn't seem obvious to me -- remixing nowadays can be pretty dramatic in terms of modernizing recordings. I was just listening to the 2019 remix of Whitesnake's Slide It In -- was recorded almost 40 years ago and sounds very new. My point was it would be weird for them to recorded it in 2018 and not say so -- you would think they'd want to get the credit for doing so and proving they can record quality stuff in the NITL configuration.
  7. Why wouldn't they be forthcoming about re-recording SOYL? It sounds excellent and likely much better than many people think NITL-era GNR is capable of -- you'd think they'd want to get credit.
  8. If CD was their sole release GNR would be a Soundcloud band. I hope Slash and Duff can pummel this song into fighting shape.
  9. He's very cool and has a sick sound that you can't always appreciate in SMKC neccesarily. He's like a combination of Gilby and Fortus. Slash should have him play more rhythm on the records.
  10. I find it really intriguing how Slash kind of earmarks ideas as "GNR" or "SMKC." I'd be so interested to hear riff and melody ideas side by side, hear what he hears as being distinctly GNR.
  11. Sucks he didn't actually have his guitar and do the normal "No Guitar Is Safe" experience. The one with Phil Collen from Def Leppard and Steve Lukather are both really great for that. I liked how he was basically asking Slash "So why did you choose Frank Sidoris over me for SMKC?" haha....
  12. It was at the NAMM guitar show when he debuted his new Gibson’s in late Jan (Edited my original post). The interview (podcast) just came out this weekend. its at approx 21mins in the linked podcast above... small mention but big implications!
  13. Slash interview with No Guitar Is Safe podcast around NAMM (late January) but just published today. ”I just had the AFD Les Paul, it just went back into the storage locker, I was doing some Guns stuff in the studio.”
  14. Surgeon general says it’s hazardous to breathe... so buy a GNR mask immediatelyyyyy... ... buy two and get the third one free!!! Come on!!! Take me down to the.... ♫
  15. Yeah the late 70's was their golden writing era... VH1 and 2 were spawned from that. If GNR 2020 were retooling songs from the 80's people would be optimistic, I reckon. This is the equivalent of VH raiding the Gary Cherone era for gems.
  16. I think hardcore fans who don't want new music or say as much are just skeptical about this incarnation the band's capacity to do it right. Obviously on an individual level they're all immensely talented and capable... but the weird state of the GNR corporate entity is getting in the way. Like, are you going to get in there as a unit, find your musical voice as a unit, and record a fucking album? Or are you going to piece it together from disparate scraps, use previously recorded parts and Frankenstein the whole thing and not really commit to it? Dump it in between nostalgia tour legs to
  17. Yeah fair point for sure. But! Lars and James are the original songwriting team, they’re workhouses. It’s been an unbroken chain of releases their whole career, more or less. They film the creative process — you can see how deliberate and exacting it is and still they miss as often as they hit. I say that in no way to denigrate them, I’ll queue up Spit Out The Bone, but to show the disparity between them and GNR 2020. It takes a lot to even float the idea of being the exception to the rule of these late career releases.
  18. I don’t want them to put out an album at this point. Just do a UYI anniversary and do it really well, give us another pro shot official release... and end it. There’s no writing spark, there’s no creative tension, there’s no shared hunger or drive... what legacy band has released something that stands up to their classic material? Sabbath, Van Halen, Metallica, Aerosmith, Motley... it’s all “extra.” You spin it for a week and it’s done and dusted; back to the real stuff. That’s the best case scenario... the worst drags your classic material down a couple notches by association. Ther
  19. See and that's why the whole "UYI should have been tighter" doesn't really hold up for me. Sure they might have been more critically acclaimed at the time... if they did it like Morning Glory / Masterplan... but Bad Apples is the fucking shit and most fans would have thrown it in the scrap heap. Plus it is the only track with all the dudes (minus Steven) having writing credit. In that sense it's actually the most authentic representation of the band in the entire catalog. So suck on them apples 🍎
  20. Really? That’s your issue? Some twitter digs at Trump a couple times? I think it’s safe to say Axl has always advocated doing your own thinking. Doesn’t mean he can’t speak his mind. I guess considering the state of GNR, if that’s your issue, you’re close to being a model fan .
  21. It's definitely not as emotive. But why?? Is it really as stupid a reason as being sober? I know there's an inspiration angle... but I mean he isn't Tokyo Slash w/ SMKC, either. I don't like age as an explanation because he doesn't seem physically limited in any way. Maybe it's low T. We gotta get Slash some HRT for the next tour leg.
  22. Well yeah :). You know how he trashed Izzy's thin guitar sound in the wake of Izzy leaving -- I wonder if its still the case or if that was just sour grapes or trying to find a silver lining or whatever. Seems weird someone could be so into the Mick Taylor / Keith dynamic, or Keith and Ronnie, or Joe and Brad and then work with Izzy so infrequently. I don't think Slash is an EVH or Page style guitarist... he's best bouncing off another voice. The most annoying thing is -- I think it's just like logistics and the convenience factor... so annoying! Izzy >
  23. I want him to get like.. Stonesy, you know. Assemble a band based on Mr Brownstone. Slash can groove so hard, the 70’s stones are up there with Aerosmith as his fav bad... but he does weird quasi-metal tangents all the time. The first Snakepit really benefitted from Gilby... he needs a strong rhythm guitarist personality. Get a fucking black dude in there... and not Kravitz. Less hot topic more grit. the clock is ticking
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