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  1. I love what Slash and Duff did to Hard School: Guitars Up 6dB Blues Up 4dB Hard Rock up 7dB Classic Illusions style breakdown sound +10dB Version Duff likes
  2. 2010 This I Love remix vocals are the best vocals Axl has recorded since classic GNR IMO. Full on chainsaw rasp. I doubt that’s all he recorded in that studio session when his voice was on fire like that 🔥
  3. Has anyone noticed in the Twitter comments, someone tagged Bumblefoot joking that he leaked HardSkool years ago and Bumble responded laughing saying he would never leak music In Facebook comments someone said they called it and it was a sex chat line
  4. I would have preferred it if the entire song was sung in the raspy chorus vocals too. Maybe he kept it this way as it's easier for him to sing live? I'm just happy to have new music either way.
  5. Half expected to hear a sampled voice in a megaphone effect saying 'Aren't you gonna record this one?' during the intro. Would have been a nice touch after listening to the soundcheck version for so long
  6. I have a friend big GNR fan in 80s/90s. Tuned out for NuGuns, hated Chinese. Showed them HardSkool and really liked it!! Said it was a 7/10. So, more songs like this please GNR!!
  7. This doesn’t bode well imo - chopping vocals from different twenty year old tracks instead of singing a new scream 😬 Song is great of course but what if there’s not much left to chop from?
  8. I bet Axl wishes he sang the YCBM verses like the Hard Skool verses 😂
  9. Slash and Duff have improved this song loads IMO and made it sound like 'proper/actual' Guns N' Roses. Them three together are magic.
  10. Vocals sound different to me in places but could be all the reverb/fx.
  11. The version of Hard Skool with the 99 vocals over the recent sound check with Slash and Duff is seriously my favourite song that has been made in the last few years 😂
  12. I’m also glad that the meaty GNR sound is back! The intro to the village demo sounded like a Chinese arcade game repurposed as a ring tone 😂
  13. I think Axl might just be warming up his raspy voice and won't debut Hard School until he thinks he can pull it off live. He has been putting more rasp in to the past few shows here and there so maybe he is just building up to it. Perhaps, because the technique can be painful for him, he needs to really warm up his throat muscles to do it and avoid further damage, hence why it takes entire shows to warm up. Once strengthened, he might be able to use more rasp again. Would also explain 2010 and 2016 rasp revivals. We can only hope! One last chainsaw voice stretch!
  14. “She’s not my mother, Toodd” 🎶🎵 Hooooooooowwwww, listen mother fucker to the song that should be heard!” 😂😂
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